OGPlanet Game Launcher

3 major advantages from
using the OGPlanet
Game Launcher
Download, Install, and Start all your favorite games in one program! Simply press the Game Icons on the left of the launcher to either Start or Install a game. You can also start games from the website of each game.
File Size: 4.1 MB

Single-Click Game Start

Click on the Game icons on the left to either Start or Install OGPlanet's games.

Customized Themes

Choose your favorite game and customize your OGP Launcher with the Theme of your choice.

Easy and Fast Downloads

You can easily Download and Install the greyed out games, no need to search for download links and enjoy fast download speeds.

Download the Latest Drivers

Download the latest version of DirectX and the most current driver for your graphics card to enjoy OGPlanet’s games. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to fully enjoy OGPlanet websites. Keep in mind that there may be different versions of drivers depending on your Operating System.