Dizzel (Action Shooter - TPS)
With non-stop action and fatality style
executions, this MMO shooter has it all.
Tales Runner
(MMO Racing - Fantasy)
Race through the magical worlds
of your favorite fairy tales
Uncharted Waters Online
(MMORPG on the high seas)
Become a hated pirate or a great explorer
in the 15th century "Age of Exploration".
La Tale (MMORPG-Anime)
With the friendliest online community,
begin your wondrous tale now!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter (TPS)
Choose from hundreds of Gundam suits,
and relive the most memorable battles.
Heroes of the Realm (Strategy)
Collect. Build. Conquer.
Amass your heroes and lead them to glory!
Red Stone (MMORPG – Classic 2.5D)
The ultimate 2.5D MMORPG. Find the
mysterious stone and become a legend.
Heva Clonia Online
Clone and collect monsters in this exciting,
adventure-filled fantasy world
Mercenaries Strike Back
(RPG - Mobile)
An exciting mobile game full of adventure,
debt and revenge
Dizzel Download Available Now
You heard right. The Dizzel client is available for pre-download. Servers open at 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EST. Download Now!
Aug 19/2014
OGP Sizzling Summer Sale
Summer is heating up at OGPlanet with is massive summer sale. Check out all the deals for your favorite OGPlanet game now!
Aug 14/2014
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