Metro Conflict
(First Person Shooter)
Class based, fast paced, and in your face.
Join the fight in the next generation shooter!
Tales Runner
(MMO Racing - Fantasy)
Race through the magical worlds
of your favorite fairy tales
Uncharted Waters Online
(MMORPG on the high seas)
Become a hated pirate or a great explorer
in the 15th century "Age of Exploration".
La Tale (MMORPG-Anime)
With the friendliest online community,
begin your wondrous tale now!
Looting Crown
(Strategy - Mobile)
Embark on an epic journey to be crowned
the long-awaited King of Grimm World!
Marble Monster
(Action - Mobile)
An intense marble action mobile game
packed with over 500 monsters!
Saving Fairy Tale
(Action - Mobile)
Where will you be
when your tale needs saving?
Gran Atlas -Set Sail Now!
OGPlanet is proud to announce the release of the long awaited, Uncharted Waters Online, Gran Atlas!!
Feb 12/2015
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