Ahoy Captains,

We are saddened to announce that OGPlanet’s support of Uncharted Waters Online will be concluding on September 29th, 2017.

Our team greatly appreciates all of the community’s support and contributions over the past nearly 4 years, and we will all miss sailing the seas with you.

(The in-game shop and Sailor’s Bottle will be inaccessible on September 28th, 2017.)

Shortly after OGPlanet’s support concludes, UWO will be relaunching through Papaya Play. You can find Papaya Play’s announcement here:


Thank you all again for the past few years, and we wish you fair winds and smooth sailing in your future adventures.

* For those who wish to get a refund of Astros, please do so by contacting your bank.

- UWO Team



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