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EA Chapter 1.5: Mediterranean Sea Come in and see the new quests, maps and Mystery Bottle! 1v1 Land Battle Tournament on June 25th, and Facebook Historical Ship Scene Recreation Contest June 22nd - July 10th.
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | June 22/2016
Sweeten Up With Events Sweeten up the start of your summer right now! It's your last chance to purchase the Shiny YL Dragon Box, as well as roll the Pinocchio Capsule Machine before they disappear after next week's update. Lastly, get a head start as soon as the Sugar Land update comes to Tales Runner by obtaining White & Gold Sugar cubes! Click for full details.
Tales Runner Events | June 22/2016
EA Chapter 1.5 Update Maintenance, 6/22, 6PM-11PM Server maintenance to apply a new update patch, Episode Atlantis Chapter 1.5: Mediterrean Sea. 6PM-11PM
Uncharted Waters Online Notices | June 22/2016
Astro Payment Methods by Region Wherever you're from in our OGPlanet, you've got options! We've created this info graphic to show you some of the different Astro payment methods available in your region.
OGPlanet Events | June 22/2016
Maintenance Notice - June 19, 2016 OGPlanet will be having back-end maintenance on all game servers. See for more details!
La Tale Notices | June 17/2016
Walking In a Winter Sugar Land! Tales Land has been covered in a layer of snow! Log in to find about the Sugar Land Preview Update! Additional new Mighty Boss Map, Zodiac Capsule, new Lottery Flame Set and fancy costumes for all! Click here to check the details!
Tales Runner Events | June 15/2016
Scheduled Update Maintenance 6/15 @ 3:00 PM The TR servers will be down for maintenance from 3PM PST/OGP time. The estimated server downtime is 3 hours. Thank you for your patience while we add the new content!
Tales Runner Notices | June 15/2016
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