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Operation: Launch Day First, we'd like to thank everyone that participated in the beta week and helped by contributing their thoughts on both MC's present and future. We have a long list of improvements and additional content that will start to take shape over the coming weeks.
OGPlanet Notices | June 29/2015
New Chapter - Astronomy Update Note Thank you for your patience. The update maintenance is complete and GAMA is open now. Click here to see the details!
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | June 25/2015
*Complete* Scheduled Update Maintenance The Summer Fairy Tales - Part 3 has been successfully complete! Check out the poster below for more information!
Tales Runner Notices | June 24/2015
Summer Fairy Tales - Part 3 Time for the final round with the Bull Demon King! Also, meet all the pets & items Princess Iron has brought to Tales Land!
Tales Runner Patch&Updates | June 24/2015
Summer Reload Event (for Lords) It's Summer again! This time we'd like to recharge your break with the massive in-game events! Click for more details!
Heroes of the Realm Notices | June 24/2015
Gran Atlas New Chapter Update Maintenance - 6/24 Astronomy update maintenance will begin at 9 PM today (Pacific/ OGP Time)
Uncharted Waters Online Notices | June 24/2015
Welcome To Metro Conflict Join the Metro Conflict OBT from June 22 - June 29 and dive head first into the adrenaline pumping battlefield!
OGPlanet Notices | June 19/2015
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