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SDGO - True Form of Shiki Hey There Pilots, We launched our second Mission Event of the month, and we will have Power Hours too!~ Enjoy it, SDGO Team
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | February 27/2015
Emergency Maintenance Notice - February 26, 2015 - Completed Emergency maintenance has completed, thank you for your patience.
La Tale Notices | February 26/2015
*Complete* Scheduled Maintenance *Complete* The maintenance is complete - Welcome back! Click to see the update details
Uncharted Waters Online Notices | February 26/2015
Harbinger of Chaos A new runner has appeared in Tales Land along with new costumes, map, and limited time dragons. Will Vega bring fourth more chaos to Tales Land?
Tales Runner Patch&Updates | February 25/2015
Patch Notes - February 25, 2015 Time Traveler II update is finally here! Introducing 2 new Time Attack dungeons (Oberon & Titania, Asura) and a new field (Behind White Chapel), new items, improvements to the Random Quest rewards, and.... a fabulous updates to the Status UI!
La Tale Patch&Updates | February 25/2015
Time Traveler II Events Greetings La Talers, Are you as fast as you think you are? Dare to accept the challenge? Click here to find out more!
La Tale Events | February 25/2015
Maintenance Notice - February 25, 2015 Completed Maintenance is complete - Check out our patch notes!
La Tale Notices | February 25/2015
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