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SDGO - Paradigm Shift  Greetings Pilots Update Contents - Click for more details.
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Patch&Updates | February 04/2015
Dawn of the New World "Gran Atlas" Video Contest!! See the latest trailer videos here and contribute to the contest for the community and great prizes!! Also, a special all nations Epic Sea Feud is starting this weekend after Friday's Trivia!
Uncharted Waters Online Events | February 04/2015
SDGO Server Maintenance 02/04/2015 - Completed Greetings Pilots,   SDGO Server Maintenance is completed. Regards, -SDGO Team
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Notices | February 03/2015
Love Battle - Top Ranking Rewards Top players on each team will receive rare ingredients required to create the Angel Laurel, Angel Pet and Devil Pet. Click to see how you can win these rare rewards!
Tales Runner Events | February 02/2015
SDGO - Power Hours/Monthly Mission Part 3 Hello Pilots!~ Enjoy the new events :) SDGO Team
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | January 30/2015
Events! Events! Events! Check out our event details inside!
Heroes of the Realm Events | January 29/2015
[SDGO] The Diversive Battlefield Dear Pilots!~ We launched our "The Diversive Battlefield" Event.  We hope that you will enjoy it very much** SDGO Team
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | January 29/2015
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