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Battle Boats Join the upcoming land battle tournament, help UWO reach a new milestone for FB likes, and check out the revised rules for the GA Trailer Video Contest!
Uncharted Waters Online Events | February 25/2015
SDGO Fighter's Radiance Greetings Pilots, New update, new contents - Click to find out more!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Patch&Updates | February 25/2015
SDGO Dual Ignition Login and Play Calendar March Login Calendar
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | February 25/2015
Event~! Check out our event details inside!
Heroes of the Realm Events | February 24/2015
SDGO Server Maintenance Notice - 02/25/2015 (Completed) Hey there Pilots ~ The server maintenance is over. Thank you for your support! SDGO Team
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Notices | February 24/2015
Help Desk Issue There had been an issue with the Help Desk server during the last 24 hours. If you are not receiving any response for your Help Desk ticket within 48 hours, please contact us back. 
Uncharted Waters Online Notices | February 23/2015
SDGO - Engage with Psycommu Hey There Pilots, We launched our first Mission Event of the month, and we will have Power Hours too!~ Enjoy it, SDGO Team
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | February 20/2015
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