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Going Into Summer A closer look at Captain's Chest and Recycle System!
Uncharted Waters Online Events | May 27/2015
SDGO - Quess Paraya! Greetings Pilots, Here comes our Mission Event of the month and the Power Hours. Enjoy it, SDGO Team
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | May 22/2015
*Complete* Routine Maintenace UWO’s GAMA server is open now. Click the poster below for more information
Uncharted Waters Online Notices | May 20/2015
Modified Sailor’s Bottle! It's a new season of Sailor's Bottle! Check out its modified version and added features!!
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | May 20/2015
Genesis Events Are you ready to face Kazno and Odin? Celebrate the Genesis episode with these events! Click here to find out more!
La Tale Events | May 20/2015
Patch Notes - May 20, 2015 Genesis episode has arrived! New maps, new items, Achievement system, improvements to various systems, and a comeback of LaDeck!
La Tale Patch&Updates | May 20/2015
SDGO Wings of Light Greetings Pilots, New patch, New contents, New units, X-Trap Update - Come check it out!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Patch&Updates | May 20/2015
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