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Scheduled Maintenance - April 3 @ 2PM OGP TIME(PT) *COMPLETE* The servers are going down for scheduled maintenance on April 3 @ 2PM OGP TIME(PT) Maintenance has been rescheduled, so players have an extra day to take advantage of the 2x EXP event!
Uncharted Waters Online Notices | March 31/2014
Final clearance sale! [CLOSED] Limited edition item giveaway with clearance sale purchases! Event closes on April 9 (PT)
Uncharted Waters Online Events | March 31/2014
Point Hammers Flash Sale!! Rare Capsules Hammers for points are here for 24 hours!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Notices | March 27/2014
TGIF Week 4: Premium Ticket Bonus & Weekend Login [CLOSED] It is Thursday!!! Let’s enjoy the TGIF event in advance!!!
Uncharted Waters Online Events | March 27/2014
UPDATE MAINTENANCE - COMPLETE Maintenance is complete, and our servers are now open! Come and join the new RAID and RPS contest!! Check out our update post for more details:
Heva Clonia Online Notices | March 26/2014
Patch Notes - March 27th, 2014 Patch notes for March 27th, 2014! 
La Tale Patch&Updates | March 26/2014
Cherry Blossom and the Chipmunks – Spring Edition Are you a Shy Sakura Shopper or an Ultimate Cherry Blossom Shopaholic?! Both groups will be rewarded with great prizes, including a Wish Event! We also have our Undercover Chipmunk Set pieces that you can receive through our Secret Agent Chipmunk On Duty Event, so click here for more information~  And if you don't know when the next XP & IDR Event is, you might want to read this event page! 
La Tale Events | March 26/2014
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