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Red Stone Closure Notice Greetings Citizens of Prandel, We have an important announcement regarding Red Stone, please click for more details.
Red Stone Notices | October 24/2014
SDGO - White Devil Mission Event Hello Pilots, The first round of the mission event started today, and you have 4 days to meet the conditions. Best Luck! SDGO Team
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | October 24/2014
[Update] Patch Notes v1015 v1015
Dizzel Patch&Updates | October 23/2014
Halloween is Here! Check out the details on the new character, Halloween items/costumes and event details inside!
Tales Runner Events | October 22/2014
Patch Notes - October 23, 2014 Wow, that was a quick patch, wasn't it! Check out what's going on with this patch!
La Tale Patch&Updates | October 22/2014
Halloween Spooktacular Get your spook on with our newest Halloween content featuring new weapons, headgears and a daily mission system. Click for full details.
Dizzel Events | October 22/2014
Earthly Paradise - Shangri-la Update & Pre-Halloween Events Shangri-la has descended onto our world tonight. None but the best adventurers can find all its secrets and treasures!  Click here to see update and events details.
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | October 22/2014
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