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Web Gashapon January Update part 2 Web Gashapon has been updated!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Notices | January 29/2014
Update Complete! The update is now complete! Check inside for more details. 
Heroes of the Realm Patch&Updates | January 27/2014
La Tale Global Fan Art Contest! Can you draw well? Do you want to win awesome prizes? If your drawing wins the Global Art Contest, it will be featured on our loading screen! Click here for more details!
La Tale Events | January 24/2014
MAINTENANCE COMPLETE Our maintenance is complete, and the servers are online! Welcome to the new age...
Uncharted Waters Online Notices | January 23/2014
Episode 13 - Sunset Plains This is the patch that you've been waiting for! New maps, dungeons, monsters, La Deck prizes, Reputations, UI changes, and many more! Click here for more details and jump into La Tale ASAP!
La Tale Patch&Updates | January 22/2014
Upcoming Update We are excited to announce that our next update will be on January 27th. The update will contain new contents, such as new Cubic and Gold shop items (now would be a good time to stock up on both), as well as new battleground areas!
Heroes of the Realm Events | January 22/2014
Phantasm Of Fighters Subdue your enemies using our latest exocores, Beam Launcher and Phantasm.   
Rumble Fighter Events | January 22/2014
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