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EPISODE 3 - City of Flames Episode 3 is here in Heva Clonia – Discover new maps, new items, and new clones! Also, Heva’s shop has come to the WEB and upgraded its chances to a whole new level. Click for more!
Heva Clonia Online Patch&Updates | May 21/2014
Retiring Bonus Astro Coupon Announcement Dear OGPlanet customers, Effective June 4th 2014, Bonus Astro Coupon will no longer be available. This decision was not made lightly. We have decided that our focus should be concentrated on improving customer services and introducing a variety of payment methods that suit your need. As we begin to sunset Bonus Astro Coupon, we understand that you might have questions or concerns. We have addressed common questions below. What happens to my current Bonus Astro Coupon? Any bonus coupon issued on or before June 3rd could be used before its expiry date. When is the last day to get Bonus Astro Coupon? It will be June 3rd. Any possibility of Bonus Astr
OGPlanet Notices | May 21/2014
A Week 1.5 x EXP + Fame + Skill Boost for the Chapter 3! [CLOSED] Be ready for a week 1.5 x EXP&Fame&Skill boost after the new update of Chapter 3 on May 22nd! Login during the boost event period to claim a new Chapter 3 exclusive item: Ship Blueprint!                                                                                                                    May 22nd ~ 28th
Uncharted Waters Online Events | May 20/2014
MYSTERY BOTTLE Updated! The Mystery Sailor's Bottles now contain new items.
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | May 16/2014
May's Patch Notes! Capsules Sighted! Patch Notes are here! Will you be surprised by May's new content??
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Patch&Updates | May 15/2014
Lily's Event Adventures! Keep up to date with our latest events introduced alongside our recent content update! Click to view our events.
Tales Runner Events | May 15/2014
Lily's Lizard Adventures! Jump into Tales Land as we introduce our latest character, Lily, 13 additional maps, more alchemy items, oracle store and more! Click for full details, and don't forget to check out all our latest events.
Tales Runner Notices | May 15/2014
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