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Weekly Raffle Event Winners Check out the list of weekly raffle event winners inside!!
Tales Runner Events | November 13/2014
Mission Event: Princess of Orb Hello Pilots, We just launced two new events for you. Don't miss their deadlines; countdown started!  :) Sincerely, SDGO Team
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | November 13/2014
[Update] Patch Notes v1016 v1016
Dizzel Patch&Updates | November 13/2014
Premium Bottle Content We have updated the content of Premium Sailor's Bottle. Click to see what's inside now-!
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | November 07/2014
Patch Notes - November 5, 2014 YAY! Maintenance is almost over~~ Here's our super quick look at what's been added this patch. 
La Tale Patch&Updates | November 05/2014
Revenge of the Sphinx This update contains new maps, new Alchemy items, and some big changes! Check out the latest update details and event information inside! 
Tales Runner Patch&Updates | November 05/2014
Maritimer's Month It's Maritimer's Month! From November 7th, Epic Sea Feud & Battle Campaign start - this time, the firstmates will lead or fight against you on specific times. Also, check out the Conqueror's Cup Tournament starting Nov. 16th- Click to see more details! 
Uncharted Waters Online Events | November 05/2014
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