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Scheduled Daylight Savings Maintenance – November 3, 2013 All OGP Game Servers will undergo a Daylight Savings Time maintenance on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013. The maintenance will begin at [12:30AM] Pacific Standard Time, and be completed at approximately [1:30AM] PST. Thank you for your patience and continued support.
OGPlanet Notices | November 01/2013
Billing Maintenance Our OGPlanet Website will be under maintenance on December 26th (Wednesday) for approximately 2 hours from 07:00 am– 09:00 am (PST).
OGPlanet Notices | December 24/2012
New Feature – Watch Videos to get FREE Astros! OGPlanet has teamed up with SponsorPay and Supersonic to make it even easier for YOU to get FREE Astros!
OGPlanet Notices | December 21/2012
Corrections to SuperRewards Free Astro Offers We have corrected Astros credited by SuperRewards and some adjustments will be made to affected users’ accounts.
OGPlanet Notices | September 05/2012
SocialID/Facebook Log-in Issue We are aware that certain players are having difficulties logging into the OGPlanet Launcher using the SocialID system (such as logging in via Facebook accounts). Click this notice for a workaround that will get you back into the game!
OGPlanet Notices | July 18/2012
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