Server Outage Compensation 1 Bundle of Love and 1 Holy Water Box~!! Boost events and more~!!
La Tale Notices | November 18/2014
PSA - Do's and Don'ts of Astro Items Did you know you can't trade non-tradeable Astro items with another user? Did you also know that there is a 99% chance you will get scammed if you try to do so? Sellers and buyers, be aware!
La Tale Notices | November 04/2014
Maintenance Notice - November 5, 2014!_Completed Maintenance is happening tomorrow on November 5, 2014 @ 6:00PM PST/OGT, but there are some items that will be leaving the Fashion Shop. Check it out! Server Maintenance is now complete! Enjoy today's patch! 
La Tale Notices | November 04/2014
Maintenance Notice - October 22, 2014 @ 7PM PST/OGT!_ Completed Patch is going to happen at 7PM PST/OGT TODAY!!! KYAAAAH!  Server Maintenance is now complete. Enjoy today's Halloween Patch~!!!
La Tale Notices | October 22/2014
Point Shop - Exploited Points Removal This is an important announcement in regards to Point Shop! PLEASE READ!
La Tale Notices | October 21/2014
Upcoming Patch - October 22, 2014 There will be a maintenance for a patch update on October 22, 2014! Read more about it here! It's your last chance to get your hands on those Full Moon Cookies, Soulless Set, Sefirot Set, and Windsatlker Set until October 22, 2014!!!  - La Tale Team
La Tale Notices | October 17/2014
Maintenance Notice - 10 PM PT, OGT, October 9th, 2014_Completed There will be a maintenance at 10PM PT, OGT, on October 9th, 2014! Here's a small summary of what's to come, including the removal of Kazno's Coins! :( ...but there are good updates too, we promise. ;) Server maintenance is now completed!
La Tale Notices | October 07/2014
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