Change Your Password There has been a hacking incident that is being investigated at the moment. For your account's security and safety, we urge everyone to change their password right away. Read more.
La Tale Notices | January 08/2015
Maintenance Notice - January 7, 2015_Completed The maintenance is now complete. Enjoy today's patch! Check details from patch note!
La Tale Notices | January 07/2015
Maintenance Notice - January 7, 2015 There will be a maintenance for patch update today at 6PM PST/OGT!
La Tale Notices | January 07/2015
Important Notice regarding "After Holiday Sales" Event Issue Please check out details for recent "After Holiday Sales" Event gifting issue. 
La Tale Notices | December 29/2014
Server Maintenance Notice- December, 15th @ 4PM PST/ OGT_Completed There will be a slight maintenance that starts at 4:00 PM PST/OGT today, and it should last about 10 minutes. We'll let you know as soon as we can. Maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience!
La Tale Notices | December 15/2014
Maintenance Notice - December 10, 2014- Completed Hello Heroes, Emergency Maintenance is now complete! Sorry for the inconvenience! Maintenance is happening TODAY! The Maintenance will start from 6 PM PT, OGPtime! Server maintenance is now complete! Enjoy today's update!!! Here's a quick look at what's being removed and what's being added.
La Tale Notices | December 10/2014
Maintenance Notice -November 26, 2014 @ 9PM PST/OGT! Finally~! The burning update is here~! The maintenance will start at 9PM PST/OGT! Thank you for your patience.
La Tale Notices | November 26/2014
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