Lost Saga Facebook Renewed! To celebrate our Facebook renewal, we are giving out free Perm Gear Chest!
Lost Saga Events | 2012-01-20 15:00:00.0
Winter Magic Time! Winter Holiday is coming soon! And we want to give you the chance to win stuff just for playing Lost Saga!
Lost Saga Events | 2011-12-20 10:00:00.0
Year's End Sale From December 15~28, selected items will be on sale!
Lost Saga Events | 2011-12-15 00:00:00.0
Limited Time Golden Gear Sales ! From December 1-14 Perm Weapon Perm Armor Perm Helm Perm Trinket Chest 30% Gear Enchanter 45% Sale!
Lost Saga Events | 2011-12-02 10:00:00.0
2nd Year Anniversary Wow, time does fly! It seems like yesterday that Lost Saga was launched here at OGPlanet. It's because of our community and the hardworking people here at OGPlanet that we are able to celebrate this awesome game!
Lost Saga Events | 2011-11-17 09:00:00.0
Heroween Weekend Hello Folks! Halloween is just around the corner.    To celebrate every Perm Premium Hero Purchase will grant you a bonus Item!!
Lost Saga Events | 2011-10-28 16:00:00.0
Halloween Spender Event Greetings boils and ghouls. Watch your back as a devilishly good sale is upon you. From October 20, 2011 to November 2, 2011, if you spend Astros you can win some fantastic prizes.
Lost Saga Events | 2011-10-20 00:00:00.0
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