[Patch Notes] December 13 Tones of Gears added to Gear Chests as well as New Motion items.
Lost Saga Patch&Updates | December 12/2012
[December 12] Server Maintenance There will be a server maintenance today from 10:00PM to 2:00AM.   Please check our patch note later for what's to come!
Lost Saga Patch&Updates | December 12/2012
[Patch Notes] November 15 Get ready, for the 12th Premium Hero of Lost Saga! Swordsman Baek is here! Along with other cool stuff this update!
Lost Saga Patch&Updates | November 15/2012
[Patch Notes] October 24 Happy Halloween!  The wicked Witch of the forest has arrived!  New Style, Motions and tones of new Gears!
Lost Saga Patch&Updates | October 24/2012
[Patch Notes] October 10 New Hero, Staff Master, comes through the Time Gate.  New Map, Gears, Motions and more!!
Lost Saga Patch&Updates | October 10/2012
[Patch Notes] September 26 V-Mech comes flying through the door!    Bubble, Bullet Time, Levitation, and Fear Motions and new Legendaries!!
Lost Saga Patch&Updates | September 26/2012
[Patch Notes] September 12 May comes swinging through the Time Gate from Guilty Gear!  New legendary Gears and more. 
Lost Saga Patch&Updates | September 12/2012
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