[Event] Gear Up! Click inside for more details!
OGPlanet Events | August 28/2014
September Events! Keep up to date with our latest game events, this month we have awesome events such as Attendance Event, King Spender Event and more! 
Uncharted Waters Online Events | August 28/2014
The Beginning of Chapter 4 Event 1. Daily Log in Item give away event 2. Bonus Quest Reward event 3. 1.5X Experience, Skill Proficiency, Fame week (Sept 1 - Sept 8th)
Uncharted Waters Online Events | August 28/2014
Lucky Hunters of La Tale! Do you feel lucky? Check out our awesome events from August 28th ~ September 14th, 2014! 
La Tale Events | August 28/2014
September Events Keep up to date with our latest game events, where you could win various rewards such as Fortune Cats, Golden Hammers, TR Chests and even Hug Emblems! Click for more details.
OGPlanet Events | August 27/2014
30% Summer Sales + LaDeck Double Chance is Almost Over!! Our 30% sales event + La Deck Double Chance are coming to an end on August 27th, 2014 at 10PM PST! 
La Tale Events | August 25/2014
Back to School SALE Jewel Crush has joined HCO's Back to Shool Sale! Join the Crushing with only 7 Astros now!  Also, Heroic Dragon Wings + bunch of Lucky Coins and Corrupted Keys are available in Monster Summon - Time Trial Event!! Sign Up now~!
Heva Clonia Online Events | August 20/2014
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