Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy Jesters are falling in love again! Who is the beautiful girl with fairy wings in the Plaza? Let's find it out about the new Tales Map, Mighty Boss Map, Capsule Machine and Redeem Store by simly chatting with her!
Tales Runner Events | May 18/2016
Skrill Instant Astro Bonus Event! Skrill and OGPlanet are offering up to 10% bonuses on select Astro packages
OGPlanet Events | May 16/2016
Pet and Boost Events Find out how to earn a brand new pet and extra TR/EXP!
Tales Runner Events | May 12/2016
May Spender's Event If you may spend, then you could win! Fill out your feathers with prizes, and a chance at a lead bird: the Great Hoot Hoot!
La Tale Events | May 12/2016
Spring Login Event Spring up and log in for bonus prizes!
La Tale Events | May 11/2016
The Robot And the Alchemist Block Robot, 4 Different Cardpacks, Hellfire Mighty Boss Map and Black Tortoise Update! Click here to check the content details.
Tales Runner Events | May 03/2016
Work As One In the Heavy Frost Camp! Meet with the released maps, Ice Work As One, Brainwashed Octopus(E) and Castle Henry - Mighty Boss! New Couple Rings and Wings, Tier 4 Jester Alchemy Sale and Zodiac Capsule Updates and more exciting events are all here in Tales Land! 
Tales Runner Events | April 20/2016
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