Sugar Land Pt. 4 Sweet And Sour! Eliminate your opponents by reviving your teammates! Sugar Cooling Map! Noble Jester Alchemy Sale & New Paints, Time Capsules, Sour Candy Machine, Snowball Tier 3 and many more! Let's find out by clicking here~!
Tales Runner Events | July 27/2016
Weekend Spender's Raffle Event - Round 2 Round 2 of the Rare Pet Raffle! Win a Bork Coupon!
La Tale Events | July 22/2016
Weekend Spender's Raffle Event Rare pet raffle is back!
La Tale Events | July 15/2016
Sugar Land Pt. 3 The Rumble! Jump into the Sugar Rumble ring with your fellow Runners to compete for supremacy & sweet rewards that greet you in Sugar Redeem Shop, Choco Parfait Capsule, Funny Boxes & Snowball Coupon Board! Check out event summaries including Sweet Treat Baking Contents for free rewards! Click here to check the details.
Tales Runner Events | July 13/2016
This Weekend Only! Don't miss out on these 2 special weekend events. We'll also be announcing a special flash promotion sometime this weekend, so be sure to follow our Facebook Page!
Tales Runner Events | July 08/2016
Sizzling Summer Events! Summertime is here! Join the GM every Monday for a monster bash, participate in La Tale Twitter trivia to win a prize of your choice, flaunt your gameplay skills and share your expertise for all La Talians to see for a chance to be chosen for the grand prize!
La Tale Events | July 05/2016
Sugar Land Pt.2 The Arrival! The preparations are complete and the Winter Festival can finally begin! After the Witch introduces you to them, meet Aile and Lua in the Plaza to find out the event details. Click here to see the update poster. Various prizes and events await for you in Sugar Land!
Tales Runner Events | June 29/2016
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