Panju's Bonus Returns! Collect additional Panju's Acorns as a bonus when you make special purchases! Click for details.
Tales Runner Events | February 10/2016
Valentine Love Letter See details for the time limited special Valentine event, and submit screenshot for Facebook event!
Uncharted Waters Online Events | February 04/2016
Lunar New Year Turn over a new tail with La Tale during New Year's!
La Tale Events | January 29/2016
Panju's Bonus Event Collect more Panju's Tail Hairs as spending bonus! Click here for more details.
Tales Runner Events | January 15/2016
January Login Event Login daily to receive awesome prizes!
La Tale Events | January 10/2016
Happy New Year 2016! New Year Events for everyone and bonus gifts for opening Sailor's Bottles from 7th to 13th.
Uncharted Waters Online Events | January 07/2016
Christmas Sales & New Year Gifts Come in and see this year's special Christmas Sales and how to get free New Year Gifts from NPCs!
Uncharted Waters Online Events | December 25/2015
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