Work As One In the Heavy Frost Camp! Meet with the released maps, Ice Work As One, Brainwashed Octopus(E) and Castle Henry - Mighty Boss! New Couple Rings and Wings, Tier 4 Jester Alchemy Sale and Zodiac Capsule Updates and more exciting events are all here in Tales Land! 
Tales Runner Events | April 20/2016
TR's Happy 2nd Year Anniversary! Celebrate the day with Lottery Coupons, Vermilion Bird Costume & Accessory Set, and Mixed Block Map Update! Click here to see the content details!
Tales Runner Events | April 06/2016
All TRUE Announcements They are all TRUE! Make sure to use up the Task Navigation Permit before the end of May.
Uncharted Waters Online Events | March 31/2016
Hop To It! Prove your eggsperience in these eggceptionally eggstravagant egg-...vents!
La Tale Events | March 24/2016
The Giving Beanstalk! Help Jack to grow the last Beanstalk seed planted in the Tales Land's Plaza! Something amazing will happen if you fully grow it! Click here for more details.
Tales Runner Events | March 23/2016
New Premium Capsule Machine Bonus RETURNS! Did you miss out on the recent New Premium Capsule Bonus Event? Well fear not, as we're bringing the event back for a short period of time! Earn bonus rewards when you roll using the capsule machine.
Tales Runner Events | March 18/2016
St. Patty's Events Join the St. Patrick's Day festivities this week in Tales Land!
Tales Runner Events | March 17/2016
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