Sizzling Summer Sale - 30% Off!!! Whoa!! 30% off on various items like Gold Darts of Luck, Boom Boom Box, and Character Slot Card?! CRAZY! And a new item? WHAT! BUN BUN COOKIE?! GIMME GIMME!
La Tale Events | August 13/2014
Unicorn Shining Bright - August Events! ~ August events started! They will also be running into September too ~
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | August 11/2014
Explosive Summer Adventure! - August Edition 2014 August is here, and we're gonna end our summer with a BANG! TONS of goodies for YOU! Check me out~ 
La Tale Events | August 08/2014
Mid-Summer Madness! [GM] EdgeOut's challenge to be the greatest merchant! Visit his personal shop in Chico City - and also many other shops nearby his! Click for more details!!
Heva Clonia Online Events | August 07/2014
August Pow Wow! Hello Citizens, Sales are extended until the end of August, and Power Hours on ALL DAY and EVERY DAY until August 30th. Click here for more details.
Red Stone Events | August 05/2014
GM Events in August! [Closed] UWO team will allow you to decide what GM events we are going to do in August. Simply vote for your favorite GM Events that you want GMs host in August. 
Uncharted Waters Online Events | July 31/2014
Historical Attractions Screenshot Fieldtrip! [Closed] Fleet up and tour the world!
Uncharted Waters Online Events | July 31/2014
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