Sunshine Before the STORM Enjoy the sunshine with these events to receive some big rewards! All you have to do is play, and you can get a Bunny Set, La Tale goods, and more!
La Tale Events | March 27/2013
Easter Eggcitement The season of Spring is here, and Easter's just around the corner, so come join in on the eggcitement! Along with various Easter events, we've included both the Loading Screen Design and Rumble Royale III Title Design Events. Click for more details.
Rumble Fighter Events | March 27/2013
Double VIP Mileage Event Do not miss out on this chance!
Heroes of the Realm Events | March 22/2013
Azteca Harness the spirit of infinity by mastering the new scroll, Azteca. This update also includes new Shiny and Twinkle costumes, this year's Easter event, and an image of the Metatron Title! Click for more details.
Rumble Fighter Events | March 20/2013
TI OBT Attendance Event ! Play TI for 5,6 and/ or 7 days to win prizes for Commercial Launch! Event runs from March 18 to 25.
Tactical Intervention Events | March 15/2013
TACTICAL GIVEAWAY ALL OGP GAMES LIMITED TIME BONUS! Get free items in all games when you play TACTICAL INTERVENTION during our free gameplay test March 14 - 25!
Tactical Intervention Events | March 14/2013
It's Green in Midland! Click to see the event details!
Heroes of the Realm Events | March 14/2013
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