June Events v2 - UPGRADED Attention Pilots! Drum roll... June events are here! We got new Promotion packages available whenever you rank up to the selected ranks. Come join GM Epic and play some missions or PvP matches with her! We've got a few sales going and much much more! Come check it out!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | June 11/2014
New Set of Events! Check out our event details inside!
Heroes of the Realm Events | June 10/2014
Did You Say? Invasion!?!? Hello Citizens, Guess what we have this month? You've voted and we listened... Monster Invasion! Click to check out what other awesome events we got planned for the month of June. -[GM]Csq
Red Stone Events | June 10/2014
Breezy Beginning of Summer Days Thank you for waiting patiently for our awesome events! We're going to start your summer off with new bonus items to gain from purchasing, Storm the Hero Coupon gifting, Dogeball, and finally...our Double, Triple, Penta Event! ;) Come have a look! 
La Tale Events | June 09/2014
Special Historical Event “Mehmed the Conqueror”[CLOSED] You are going to meet Mehmed II in person to make sure the truce arrangement is secure!  (Period: June 5-25)
Uncharted Waters Online Events | June 05/2014
Login Event in June![CLOSED] Log in EVERY DAY from Monday to Thursday each week to claim the prize!
Uncharted Waters Online Events | June 02/2014
GM Events in June![CLOSED] Enjoy the GM Events in June, starting each Tuesday and Thursday @ 4PM (PST). 
Uncharted Waters Online Events | June 02/2014
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