Race For The Cup Join the race for the cup with our latest racing events! Click for details.
Tales Runner Events | June 26/2014
Game of Sea Urchins Pink Sea Urchin, Indigo Sea Urchin, and so on. There are total 8-kinds of Sea Urchins in Heva! "What is your favorite Sea Urchin Clone?" Click to find more about the event!!
Heva Clonia Online Events | June 24/2014
[Event] Survey
Dizzel Events | June 20/2014
[Event] T-Shirt Giveaway Contest!
Dizzel Events | June 20/2014
[Event] Free Golden G39-K Rifle!
Dizzel Events | June 20/2014
2X Experience and Skill Proficiency Event for 26K likes on Facebook![CLOSED] Hi Sailors, To reward you all for helping us reaching 26k likes target, we have started the week long (7 days) Double Experience and Skill proficiency week. Start time: June 18th, 10:00AM End time: June 25th, 10:00AM
Uncharted Waters Online Events | June 18/2014
Steamy Summer - Hot Hot Hot It's getting hotter, as we have officially launched La Tale on Steam! <3 To make it even STEAMIER, we have cool packages, and a chance to win Toam + Lv. 20 Pet Coupon Box! PLUS, a Guild Event + Love Event are in SESSION! HOT HOT HOT!
La Tale Events | June 17/2014
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