Halloween in Midland Event Check out the Halloween event details inside!
Heroes of the Realm Events | October 24/2013
The Warrior's Blade This Halloween, equip yourself with the Shadow Warrior costume set; a submission in the Shaman/Android Costume Contest by darkness1999th. This content update also includes the Thunder Blades Exocore, a permament version of the Halloween set and more. Make sure to grab these items while you can, as they are only available for a limited time! Click for more details.
Rumble Fighter Events | October 23/2013
User Appreciation Event Showing appreciation for our players!
Heroes of the Realm Events | October 21/2013
Halloween Events! Halloween is near! It's time for some Events!!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | October 21/2013
Jack Returns to La Tale Jack has returned to La Tale adventurers! We've got some spooky new fashion items and events. Such as, a new [GM] event as well as Gentleman Jack in-game event. So what are you all waiting for, get hunting already!
La Tale Events | October 16/2013
Friday the 13th Sale! We have created a special Friday 13th Sale event, don't miss out! 
Rumble Fighter Events | October 13/2013
Arena 2.0 Celebration Event Arena 2.0 is finally here!
Heroes of the Realm Events | October 10/2013
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