Events & Adventures Keep up to date with our latest game events!
Tales Runner Events | May 29/2014
JEWELS APLENTY Breat empty Jewels and get Protection Stone (x8) as a special prize! New Mummy Avatars came out in the Cash Shop - Try them on by pressing 'Preview' button. Click for awesome details!
Heva Clonia Online Events | May 28/2014
Jewel Crush 9x9 Jewels, 10 contain prizes, and 9 chances to win legendary items- Try this new WEB shop for only 10A! Click for details!
Heva Clonia Online Events | May 22/2014
A Week 1.5 x EXP + Fame + Skill Boost for the Chapter 3! [CLOSED] Be ready for a week 1.5 x EXP&Fame&Skill boost after the new update of Chapter 3 on May 22nd! Login during the boost event period to claim a new Chapter 3 exclusive item: Ship Blueprint!                                                                                                                    May 22nd ~ 28th
Uncharted Waters Online Events | May 20/2014
Lily's Event Adventures! Keep up to date with our latest events introduced alongside our recent content update! Click to view our events.
Tales Runner Events | May 15/2014
INTO THE INFERNO Get ready to battle and collect hot-headed clones as you venture through the flames of Ramos! Prepare yourself with daily log-in bonuses leading up to Episode 3!
Heva Clonia Online Events | May 14/2014
Run Into Summer! Log into Tales Runner and RUN INTO SUMMER between May 14 ~ June 12. Runners will receive 500 TR for every day they login, and special rewards for meeting specific requirements. There is also a mystery reward(s) that will be given out to those who meet the conditions for June 12! Click for full details.
Tales Runner Events | May 13/2014
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