October Events! Check out the Events for October!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | October 10/2013
Gearing up for the Arena Event Get ready for our upcoming arena update! 
Heroes of the Realm Events | October 04/2013
Fall in Love Fall in Love with Red Stone this Fall. Dream Weddings, Lovely Sale, Lovely Buffs, and The Power of Love. Click for details.
Red Stone Events | October 03/2013
The Urban Streets Hit the streets with the latest urban wear, while hurling your enemies across great distances with the Leviathan Scroll! Included in this automatic update are I Am Sexy Shirts, comfortable Tams, and several events where you can earn rewards such as the rare Noble Costumes (Permanent). Click for more details.
Rumble Fighter Events | September 26/2013
La Sale! La Tale is having a La Sale! Certain items are buy one, get one free until September 30th!
La Tale Events | September 25/2013
Random Events! We heard you liked randomness...
Heroes of the Realm Events | September 20/2013
Play Heva Clonia Online & Win! The first Beta Test for Heva Clonia Online has begun, and you can win great prizes by joining in on the fun! Click for more information.
Heva Clonia Online Events | September 20/2013
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