TGIF Events![CLOSED] It’s been a rough week sailing the high seas here on ship OGP. We thank you for accompanying us on our journey and hope these prizes can make your weekend just a little brighter!
Uncharted Waters Online Events | February 28/2014
2+1 LOST LEGACY EVENT Jump in on Rumble Fighter as the Lost Legacy Chest/Package will be leaving the item shop next week. This will be your last chance to unbox legendary contents of the past! Click for details.
Rumble Fighter Events | February 28/2014
It's Over 2500 Likes!! Can we get an increase of 2500 Facebook Likes between now until March 31st, 2014? YES WE CAN! When we do...500% XP Boost and 300% Item Drop Rate Event + Gold Darts x 3 will be given! Click here for more information on how to help us out!
La Tale Events | February 28/2014
Lights! Camera! Action! Hey La Talers, The La Tale Team is looking for a video director! Interested in working closely with the GMs in creating fun and creative videos of La Tale adventures? Make a demo reel and show us what you've got! Auditions are now open!
La Tale Events | February 26/2014
Serpent This update features our first European  user-made scroll; SERPENT and our most anticipated Boss Mode, D-H-CORE. 
Rumble Fighter Events | February 19/2014
February Events Part 2 New Events for the end of February!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | February 19/2014
Love Me, Love Me Not Event Happy Valentine's Day from OGP La Tale! We have 16 Romantic Bundles from Cupid, from which you can win Valentine Heart Shirts, Cap, Ring, Guidebook, and much more! Or you could participate in our attendance based event every weekend to grab cool rewards like Flour Leaf Clover Channel Mic, Taro Card, and Snow Raccoon's Set! Don't miss out! 
La Tale Events | February 12/2014
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