Rumble Fighter is about to get RELOADED A massive new update is about to hit Rumble Fighter, RELOADING it with ALL NEW FEATURES! Get ready for the PLAZA, QUESTS, BIG DOG, and MORE! Click here for a sneak peek of what's to come!
Rumble Fighter Events | July 18/2013
La Spenders Event Upgrade!!! and 10,000 Likes Event Hey La Talers!   We have heard your cries and we have listened! We are now adding BONUS prizes to our current Spender Event! Plus, there are now two additional tiers: 8000 Astros will get you a Dragon Poe Mount Coupon + Drakon Coupon and 10000 Astros will get you a Permanent Effect Ring Coupon! We’ve also added more prizes to the current tiers. In addition to the existing prizes, you’ll now also get:     200 Astros: Advanced Super Puzzle Coupon x20 500 Astros: Prime IDR Holy Water x3 750 Astros: Normal Eye Surgery Coupon, Normal Hair Style Coupon 1000 Astros: Hunter Ring (30days) 2000 Astros: Golden Hero Mask 4000 Astros: Tengu Coupon 8000 Astros: Darkon Coupon+ Dragon Poe Mount Coupon 10000 Astros: Permanent Effect Ring Coupon   If you’ve already reached one of those tiers, the bonus prizes will be delivered to your Bank starting on Tuesday, July 30th!  
La Tale Events | July 18/2013
Cross Road Our latest patch contain a new map - and there's an event to go with it! Click for details.
GunDog Events | July 17/2013
Power Weekend Check out the event details inside!
Heroes of the Realm Events | July 12/2013
Summer Cooldown Chill out this summer, and have a blast with our latest Ice Blaster Exocore. Included in this update, are new summer tops and surfboard back-shells! Along with the new items, we are continuing our King Spender Event, Super Playtime, Special Buyer Bonus and the Dig Site Excavation. We are also throwing in some new events - Killer Instinct! and I am Invincible! Click for full details.
Rumble Fighter Events | July 10/2013
Play With [GM]Muziq & Win! This weekend, play with [GM]Muziq & win great prizes! Click for more.
GunDog Events | July 05/2013
Summer Celebration Join us for fun in the sun with power hours, great sales, & more! Click for more info.
Red Stone Events | June 28/2013
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