Upcoming Update We are excited to announce that our next update will be on January 27th. The update will contain new contents, such as new Cubic and Gold shop items (now would be a good time to stock up on both), as well as new battleground areas!
Heroes of the Realm Events | January 22/2014
Phantasm Of Fighters Subdue your enemies using our latest exocores, Beam Launcher and Phantasm.   
Rumble Fighter Events | January 22/2014
January Events Part 2! January Events Part 2 is here!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | January 20/2014
Pillar of Light Event Pillar of Light event is back!
Heroes of the Realm Events | January 17/2014
Winter Wonderland Event Hello citizens, a great chance in this weekend to fill up your inventory with 200% drop rate boost + Kai Bag Sale. 50% Off on All Potions is just additional stuff for you to warm up in this cold. Also, some hardcore users will welcome the S-rank bonus system that has been implemented. Click for the details and news about GMs’ new PvP event! 
Heva Clonia Online Events | January 16/2014
La Talutions of 2014 Hey La Talers, First update of the New Year 2014! We've got a brand new Subclass Fashion Set for you that you won't let sneak away. We've also got lots of great events lined up for everyone to kick start the year with amazing adventures. So what are you waiting for? Click here for details now!
La Tale Events | January 08/2014
2014 Uprising to New Heights Greetings Citizens! Weekend Power Hours continues this January. We've also got GM's hiding somewhere in Prandel - if you can find them during the periods of January 21st, 23rd, 28th, and 30th at 15:00 PT (18:00 ET) for 1 hour, you may even win a prize! We're also featuring a Buy one get one free event to be sure you're well prepared throughout your adventures and grinding this January. Click here for more details.
Red Stone Events | January 08/2014
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