Play Heva Clonia Online & Win! The first Beta Test for Heva Clonia Online has begun, and you can win great prizes by joining in on the fun! Click for more information.
Heva Clonia Online Events | September 20/2013
The Noble Gathering Join the Noble gathering, as we celebrate the coming of Autumn. Take part in our various events that feature a permanent version of the RARE Noble Costume, bonus Cursed Vladimir Chests, Skill Item bonuses, back to school events, 30% off sales and more! Click for more details.
Rumble Fighter Events | September 19/2013
Heroes Galore Event Now is the perfect time to stock up on heroes!
Heroes of the Realm Events | September 12/2013
September Events! Check out the fun events for September!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | September 12/2013
Back To School With Nine Tails Unleash the inner demon of the Nine Tails Exocore, as this update brings some fancy Nine Tails and Back to School costumes, along with a limited edition shirt. Add a bunch of back to school events and top it off with a 30% off sale, this update will be all that's talked about during your recess or lunch breaks. Click for more details.
Rumble Fighter Events | September 10/2013
LT Summer Send Off Event Summer may be over (boooooo!) but there's plenty of reason to cheer for great Back to School events in La Tale!
La Tale Events | September 09/2013
Back To School Attendance Event Win great items just for playing Rumble Fighter! Click to view your attendance sheet & find out more.
Rumble Fighter Events | September 06/2013
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