Velfa And Labyrinth Library So you think you can be the best Librarian? Clearly you haven't taken up the challenge with Liz and Fel from Velfa. Come join Liz and Fel in their epic struggle to keep the Library clean of Man-Eating Books, Flying Armors, and Story Fairies. Click here for more information.
La Tale Events | November 07/2013
November Monthly Contents & Events! Check out the awesome Contents & Events for month of November!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | November 06/2013
Power Weekend! Power Weekend is back! 
Heroes of the Realm Events | November 06/2013
Giving Thanks OGPlanet gives thanks this November with Turkey Invasions, Power Hours and a Supporter Appreciation Event 
Red Stone Events | November 05/2013
Trick or Treat Bonus Event There's never enough treats for Halloween, so here's another one on us! We have heard your feedback on Gold Darts not being included. Now for today only starting at 2pm OGP Time until 11:59pm OGP Time, Gold Darts are also included in this buy one get one free sale along with Box of Boxes! For the first time since its release, Filled Spirit Bead Lv. 20 Coupon is also buy one get one free! What are you waiting for stop tricking and start treating!!
La Tale Events | October 31/2013
Halloween Events We've got some great events to celebrate Halloween. You can win great items just for playing Heva Clonia Online! Click for details.
Heva Clonia Online Events | October 29/2013
Halloween Flash Draw Event It's almost time for trick or treating, do you have your costume ready? If not, you're in luck! La Tale is having a Fashion Set Draw! Starting from 3pm OGP Time until midnight on Halloween, every purchase in the Fashion Shop counts as one entry into our costume draw! 5 lucky winners will receive either the Sakura Fighter Set, SWAT Set or the White Tiger Set!
La Tale Events | October 29/2013
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