[Event] T-Shirt Giveaway Contest!
Dizzel Events | June 20/2014
[Event] Free Golden G39-K Rifle!
Dizzel Events | June 20/2014
2X Experience and Skill Proficiency Event for 26K likes on Facebook![CLOSED] Hi Sailors, To reward you all for helping us reaching 26k likes target, we have started the week long (7 days) Double Experience and Skill proficiency week. Start time: June 18th, 10:00AM End time: June 25th, 10:00AM
Uncharted Waters Online Events | June 18/2014
Steamy Summer - Hot Hot Hot It's getting hotter, as we have officially launched La Tale on Steam! <3 To make it even STEAMIER, we have cool packages, and a chance to win Toam + Lv. 20 Pet Coupon Box! PLUS, a Guild Event + Love Event are in SESSION! HOT HOT HOT!
La Tale Events | June 17/2014
More Racing Events! More racing events!
Tales Runner Events | June 12/2014
Is Your World Cup Half Full? Take these two chances to win FREE gifts- One, make your guess on the winning teams. Two, gather up your guildies and take a picture! Click to see the exciting details!
Heva Clonia Online Events | June 11/2014
June Events v2 - UPGRADED Attention Pilots! Drum roll... June events are here! We got new Promotion packages available whenever you rank up to the selected ranks. Come join GM Epic and play some missions or PvP matches with her! We've got a few sales going and much much more! Come check it out!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Events | June 11/2014
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