Bingo + Raffle Ticket Event!
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Bingo From June 6 to July 24, 2011

Make sure you start right since the rule has been changed! For those who get 25 or 44 shields consecutively, you will be rewarded awesome items and extra!

Plus, the event will have individual Bingo boards for each game and you can now get "game specific shields." If you play more than one game on OGPlanet, you will win more prizes!

OGPlanet counts your last activity to see if you made the requirement. For example, if you played from 11pm on Monday to 1am on Tuesday, our system will count it as one day of play for Tuesday only. Please log out and back in to make sure your play time is correctly counted.
All time is based on the OGP Time.

Check out each game's Bingo Board and How To pages for details:

Rumble Fighter North America
La Tale
Lost Saga North America
Red Stone
Zone 4

* EU games are not participating in the Bingo event this time.

Even More Stuff to Win - Raffle Ticket Event!

Period (June 6 - July 24: same period as Bingo event)

OGPlanet is throwing another exciting event for you! Simply complete Free Astro offers from "Sponsor of the Week" to qualify and to increase your odd of winning. One Apple iPad 2 and 40,000 Astros are up for grabs!

Check out the details here!