*COMPLETE* [GM Event] Find the GM and Guess What They Are Wearing!
Uncharted Waters Online Events|Date: 2017-01-04 15:00:00.0|Views: 1583

Event Time:  3:30pm, January 6th

Prizes: 50 Million Ducats + New Year Ticket

Location: 6 Different locations will be announced in the red World Message during the event.
               The locations will all be inside Europe.
During each round, the GM will hide in a city and announce which city they are in as well as which piece of clothing players will need to guess. Players are to find the GM and proceed to guess what the GM is wearing. Players will then use the "Tell" function to tell the GM their answer.

The first 4 players of each round to successfully find the GM and guess the piece of clothing will receive the reward. Please note that each player may only win once.

Good luck!