[Academy Battle Extravaganza!] Results
Uncharted Waters Online Events|Date: 2017-06-21 09:50:00.0|Views: 998
Ahoy Captains!

Here are the winners of "Academy Battle Extravaganza"!

BardiCup (Lisbon) 
June 17th, Saturday: 5PM to 7:30PM 
Place IGN Wins
1st KenSmythe 10
2nd Huseyin-Gazi 9
3rd NanaShi 8
4th blueskye 6
4th Fist 6

La ValetteCup (Athens) 
June 18th, Sunday: 10AM-12:30PM 
Place IGN Wins
1st Huseyin-Gazi 10
2nd Rache_Miles 9
2nd darkheart 9
4th Fist 8
5th Solanin 7

The prize will be sent into winners' Captain's Chest within 24 hours.

See you all on the sea!

- UWO Team