Tanabata ESF Results!
Uncharted Waters Online Events|Date: 2017-07-13 19:00:00.0|Views: 1138
Ahoy Captains!

Thank you all for participating in the Tanabata Epic Sea Feud on July 7th, 8th and 9th!

Here are the reward winners!

Position IGN Total
Mertis of War
1st Huseyin-Gazi 548
Choose one of the following:
- Edles Kleid EX
- Heretical Pirate's Combat Wear EX
- Wise Adventurer's Outfit EX
2nd UglyDeath 510
3rd Earthquake 455
4th Rinc 440
5th AuroraBorealis 371
10th Bartandelus 338
- Box of New Era Armaments
20th BentBolt 236
30th Franklinqp 203
40th Ryo_Saeba 165
50th ThomDan 136
Lucky 77th SeungLee 79 - Rogues' Treasure Chest
Drawing Tinola
- Experienced Shipwright's Box
Drawing Velesty
Drawing Dalwin
Drawing tigerfan
Drawing Nafnaf
Drawing Lady'Cat
Drawing Maudya
Drawing Nori_Middleton
Drawing Capt_Rad
Drawing Luna__
Drawing KyokoRyoko
Drawing Zakkari
Drawing Afrah_F.
Drawing Crash94

For those who are at 1st-5th, please let us know which reward you wish to receive via our Help Desk (Please make sure to login before doing so).
For the other winners, we have sent a reward into your Captain’s Chest. Please check under the Event tab.
It was good to see more players participating in the ESF this time (1.5 times more than usual!).

Good work, Captains!
See you all on the sea.
- UWO Team