Servers Back Online Get your feet back into the race as the Tales Runner servers are back online!
OGPlanet Notices | September 18/2014
[Notice] Game Update v.1012 v.1012 includes a new EU Server, Vedette (shop), new guns & skins, along with various other fixes and changes to continue the game's development through Early Access. Click for more details.
OGPlanet Notices | September 17/2014
Server Restart Completed! - (9/17/14) Server Restart Maintenance Completed ~
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Notices | September 17/2014
Login issue has been resolved!! Log in issue identified around at 11 PM (PDT) on September 16th has been resolved! Sorry for the inconvenience, and check out for the upcoming events soon for us to make up! 
La Tale Notices | September 17/2014
OGP Summer Sales is Ending! OGP Summer Sales event is ending soon! The 30% off sales event will come to an end after this week's update on September 17th, so this is your last chance to stock up on awesome items at reduced price!
OGPlanet Notices | September 15/2014
Premium Sailor's Bottle Update We have updated our Premium Sailor's Bottle, including Custom Ottoman Galleass, Festival Norske Love and more!
Uncharted Waters Online Notices | September 11/2014
*COMPLETED* Maintenance - September 11 @ 2:00 PM OGP TIME (PT) We are going to have maintenance on September 11 @ 2PM OGP Time. The maintenance is expected to be 4 hours long. 
Uncharted Waters Online Notices | September 09/2014
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