Get Astros Using “Pay with Gift Cards” at checkout!
OGPlanet Notices|Date: 2016-09-23 10:00:00.0|Views: 1431
No credit card? No problem! 
North American users can now purchase Astros for their OGPlanet accounts with gift cards from: SUBWAY, CVS PHARMACY, CIRCLE K, DOLLAR GENERAL and OBUCKS!
Benefits of Using Openbucks ‘Pay with Gift Cards’
CONVENIENT:  +150,000 locations to load your cash onto a gift card - SUBWAY, CVS, Circle K and more!
NO FEES:  No reload, usage or activation fees! It’s simply your money - on a gift card.
SAFE: You don’t have to register or give personal/banking info to pay with gift cards.
EASY: Shop and pay with gift cards on desktop, tablet or mobile.
How to use it?
1. Purchase a gift card from one of these retailers below:
You can check for your nearest retailer location by entering your zip code

2. Select the 'Pay With Gift Cards' button on our Get Astros page.

3. Select the Astro package you want to purchase, that corresponds with the available balance on your gift card.

4. Enter your gift card details to redeem.

That’s it! Now you can get back in the game!
Learn More:  Watch Video  | Visit Openbucks