Service Closure
Tales Runner Notices|Date: 2017-03-29 17:00:00.0|Views: 9940
Dear Runners.
It is with great disappointment that OGPlanet must announce the closure of our Tales Runner service, effective as of April 20, 2017.
The past 3 years have raced by so fast, and we are sad to have to say goodbye to a game that brought a lot of life, flamboyancy, and youth to the OGPlanet portal. The Tales Runner Team feels privileged to have been given the opportunity to service this incredibly unique game, and will greatly miss racing alongside the energetic community.
Effective immediately, we will be disabling functionality to purchase items with cash currency (Astros). All Astros spent between February 28 - March 29, 2017 will be returned to all eligible accounts, and refunded in the form of Astros. All Astro refunds we be processed by the end of April 6, 2017, and we ask our users to wait 24-hours to see the changes reflected on their account's Astro Balance.
From today’s service announcement until the closing date, Runners will be able to enjoy a 3x EXP/TR boost throughout the day. We encourage all players to join in and create everlasting memories for players to remember forever!
From the Tales Runner Team and everyone here at OGPlanet, we would like to thank you all for your support and dedication. The racing adventure has been great, and the entire Tales Runner team will never forget all of the wonderful moments we’ve shared together.
The Tales Runner Team