UWO Service Status Concerns Addressed!
Uncharted Waters Online Notices|Date: 2017-06-02 15:00:00.0|Views: 1395
Ahoy Captains, 

The GM Team has noticed numerous threads regarding UWO's service status over the past week. We have posted in some as required but we felt that a proper announcement was necessary to address the community's concerns. 

First and foremost, we do apologize for the lack of communication during this period. We have been reading all the concerns and issued brought up by the community, we will try to answer as many of them as possible with the information we have. The GM Team stands by on our word that we want to try to maintain as much freedom of speech among the community without our intervention (unless needed). 

UWO is in great shape. Although many of us hasn't been too active on the forums, we've been busy preparing for the upcoming update. We do realize that a lot of discussion has involved our other colleagues here at OGPlanet with service closure of Tales Runner and upcoming service transfer of La Tale. Rest assured, here at OGPlanet, UWO is still going strong. Many of our resources will be transferred to UWO Team for more support going forward. We are also expecting to introduce a brand new GM on our team. Once the GM is finished with the GM training we will be introducing the GM shortly. 

Stay tuned! 

Lastly, we thank you for all your understanding and patience. The community support has been overwhelming and the UWO GM Team is touched by your sentiments. 

Thank you everyone!