The Princess and the Sage The story begins here - Legend of the White Moon Princess and Revelation of the Sage. Click to see the details.
Heva Clonia Online Patch&Updates | July 23/2014
Astro Shop Update - On Sale Items! July 23rd Astro Shop update. Some items are put on sale and some will leave the Astro Shop on the 31st.
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | July 23/2014
Patch Notes - July 10, 2014 Wind Stalker Set, Anni Cowboy Set, Princess/Prince Bun, Sly Fox's Gaze, AAAAND few bug fixes, including the guild crash fix! Check it out! 
La Tale Patch&Updates | July 10/2014
Maintenance Bug Patch Notes 7/04/2014 Bug Patch Notes for the June Update, check out the included fixes!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Patch&Updates | July 04/2014
SDGO Delta and Banshee: On The Rise Web Gashapon has been updated!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Patch&Updates | June 30/2014
June 26th Quadruple Surprise Update - Premium bottle, Beginner Assistance Program, Royal Navy Patch! OGP quadruple surprise update for both new and veteran players! 1. Premium Sailor’s Bottle content update! 2. OGP Starter Packs! 3. Royal Navy Patch! 4. Astro items update
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | June 26/2014
Patch Notes - June 26th, 2014 Let's read about what's been updated with the new patch today, as it includes sales, event reminder, and bug fixes! 
La Tale Patch&Updates | June 26/2014
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