The War of Heroes! - Part 2 Ran and Tir's mission isn't completed yet! Test your sense of rivalry in new Sparta Road in War of Heroes Channel and collect tokens and medals for exclusive items. The hottest summer's coolest Sailor Costumes have arrived in Shop. Click here for more details!
Tales Runner Patch&Updates | August 13/2015
Mini Update : August Edition Both OGP and Red Duck are ramping up completion of a lot of amazing things scheduled to come out at the end of this month. But before then, we had to release a couple new weapon skins, and apply some updating configurations related to our upcoming EU server expansion.
OGPlanet Patch&Updates | August 12/2015
LTNA - 3rd Season: Infinity 3rd Season: Infinity is finally here!
La Tale Patch&Updates | August 09/2015
Hot Summer, Free Ships, and Super Events! Come in and see the new Premium Bottle and get money from participating in GM Events!
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | August 05/2015
X-Trap Windows 10 Compatibility Patch UWO is now compatible with Windows 10. Exit and restart the game will automatically download and apply the X-Trap patch.
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | July 29/2015
New Girl On The Block Introducing the newest member on the block, Tiffany delivers a different style, environment & meta to Metro Conflict. Along with a new weapon, weapon skins, packages and costumes, this update is only the beginning of an extended summer.
OGPlanet Patch&Updates | July 29/2015
The War of Heroes! The two goddesses appeared to train you stronger! Gather courage and wisdom with your mates to train harder!
Tales Runner Patch&Updates | July 22/2015
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