Beer and Cannonballs Check out details about the upcoming Super Cannonball Run event!  You'll also have twice the probability of earning some of the bonus prizes when purchasing a Sailor's Bottle!
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | January 23/2015
Patch Notes - January 21, 2015 NEW ITEMS?! WHERE?! Welcome Bongo the Bear and Monsieur Pierrot to La Tale! *clap clap clap*
La Tale Patch&Updates | January 21/2015
Guild Ready To Rumble! New Guild War system, Ghost Dragon pets, more Animal Racing maps, and more!
Tales Runner Patch&Updates | January 14/2015
[Notice] Semmering Bahn A new map & weapon release.
Dizzel Patch&Updates | January 14/2015
Guides and Rides Contribute to the UWO Guide Fair and win some great prizes! We're also celebrating the new year with a new Sailor's Bottle and some fantastic spender rewards!
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | January 09/2015
Patch Notes - January 7, 2015 New Sword Dancer Set, Gold Sheep Set, Winter Jewel Festival, and bug fixes galore! Check it out~
La Tale Patch&Updates | January 07/2015
New Year. New Toys! A Tales Runner mini-update to kick off the new year with a BANG!~ New co-op map (Abandoned Toy Canyon) & new Arin's Alchemy costumes. Click for full details.
Tales Runner Patch&Updates | December 29/2014
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