Holidays Sailor's Bottle - Premium Update The premium Sailor’s Bottle has been updated for the holidays! Click here and check out what’s new + gifting information you have waited for.
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | December 12/2014
[Update] Operation: Full Release We're Live, Locked & Loaded!
Dizzel Patch&Updates | December 10/2014
Quests for Holidays Clause has the quest that you wished for during the holidays! Find him in Lisbon and win your Santa Suit! Then you can join the last debate in 2014 donning your new suit! -Click for more details
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | December 10/2014
Tourney'in Up The Heat! Prices in the shop have been reduced and a tournament is coming! Click for more details!
Chibi Kart Patch&Updates | December 10/2014
Patch Notes - December 10, 2014 Curious about our maintenance? Read here! New PVP rank system & exchange system are explained here too!
La Tale Patch&Updates | December 10/2014
Attack On Jester Jesters drank some bad milk and have evolved into angry giants! Race through a new Attack on Jester map where you could collect Jester Emblems and exchange them for unique rewards. Along with the update is our new Avatar System, new Genie pet, new costumes, new farm items, additional TR Licenses, and more! Click for full details.
Tales Runner Patch&Updates | December 03/2014
SDGO Wings Of A New Beginning December Update Greetings Pilots December Update Contents - Click for more details.
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Patch&Updates | December 03/2014
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