Attack of Anubis Anubis and his Minions unleased destruction.
Tales Runner Patch&Updates | March 11/2015
Harbinger of Chaos A new runner has appeared in Tales Land along with new costumes, map, and limited time dragons. Will Vega bring fourth more chaos to Tales Land?
Tales Runner Patch&Updates | February 25/2015
Patch Notes - February 25, 2015 Time Traveler II update is finally here! Introducing 2 new Time Attack dungeons (Oberon & Titania, Asura) and a new field (Behind White Chapel), new items, improvements to the Random Quest rewards, and.... a fabulous updates to the Status UI!
La Tale Patch&Updates | February 25/2015
SDGO Fighter's Radiance Greetings Pilots, New update, new contents - Click to find out more!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Patch&Updates | February 25/2015
Maintenance Complete - Gran Atlas Patch Note Server's open, see inside for Gran Atlas Patch Note, New Sailor's Bottle, St. Valentine's Day Event, and more!
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | February 12/2015
Patch Notes - February 11, 2015 This patch introduces several new items in Fashion Shop, along with a removal of LaDeck (temporarily) and BunBun Cookies. Have a nice read!
La Tale Patch&Updates | February 11/2015
Angry Little Red Turns out Little Red Riding wasn't the shy little girl we all believed her to be... This update storms through the woods with a new map, costumes, Time Attack mode, and the grand opening of Mau's Store! Click for full details.
Tales Runner Patch&Updates | February 11/2015
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