Premium Sailor's Bottle Update - September 11 We have updated our Premium Sailor's Bottle, including Custom Ottoman Galleass, Festival Norske Love and more!
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | September 25/2014
Rebirth of the Samurai Enjoy the Free Skill Reset week with Samurai Spirit Avatars! Also, see what kind of "outrageous" items GM/CA will be selling this week. What do we mean by "outrageous"? Click for details!
Heva Clonia Online Patch&Updates | September 25/2014
Main Job Class Re-Balancing Patch Notes This is one of the updates that you guys have been waiting for for a long time! Sorry for the delay, and enjoy!
La Tale Patch&Updates | September 24/2014
[Update] Patch Notes v1013 Patch notes for v1013.
Dizzel Patch&Updates | September 24/2014
Episode 15 - Starry Cats Restaurant M.D. set up his dream restaurant in Big Apple, and new monsters in El Anoir Mountains have been spotted. Are you curious as to what else is in store with this Episode? Read on!
La Tale Patch&Updates | September 24/2014
Counterattack Begins Check out our update & event information here!
Tales Runner Patch&Updates | September 17/2014
[Update] Patch Notes v1012 Patch notes for v1012.
Dizzel Patch&Updates | September 17/2014
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