Uncharted Waters Online - OGP Anniversary Events Happy Anniversary Sailors! Our latest poster includes everything you need to know about the upcoming anniversary events and Black Friday sales! Click here to check it out!
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | November 26/2014
New Items Content Update Brief overview of what's included in the Burning Update, as well as various item update, ALL in this patch notes! There's been an update with the LaDeck prizes too!
La Tale Patch&Updates | November 26/2014
Burning Update - System Update Read here for everything about the system update that comes with the Burning Serv
La Tale Patch&Updates | November 26/2014
Burning Update - Subclass Balancing Read everything about your favorite subclass!
La Tale Patch&Updates | November 26/2014
Hellfire is Here! This update is jam-packed with contents! New co-op map, 2 new maps, new items, new chests, couple and farm rankings, massive Black Friday sales, and more! Check it out now!
Tales Runner Patch&Updates | November 19/2014
SDGO Explosive Variants November Gashapon Update Web Gashapon has been updated.
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Patch&Updates | November 19/2014
[Update] Patch Notes v1016 v1016
Dizzel Patch&Updates | November 13/2014
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