Patch Notes - June 26th, 2014 Let's read about what's been updated with the new patch today, as it includes sales, event reminder, and bug fixes! 
La Tale Patch&Updates | June 26/2014
SDGO Target Aimed: Gundam F91 Patch Notes for June Update is here, Gundam F91s are in the Rare Capsules, Lab revamps, and much more!
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Patch&Updates | June 25/2014
Hevanites on Mars Tonight's brief update maintenance brings raid to CH1, new clones to acquire from Irunami, and a new random box. Click for more details!
Heva Clonia Online Patch&Updates | June 25/2014
[Update] Game Mode Q&A
Dizzel Patch&Updates | June 20/2014
FINAL FROST This Summer, BLAST through your adventure! Become more skillful and powerful with new skill tree & extended upgrade system. Click for more!
Heva Clonia Online Patch&Updates | June 19/2014
ASTRO Shop Update + Discounts - June 18, 2014 The Astro Shop has been updated! Update includes: New items and Discounts!
Uncharted Waters Online Patch&Updates | June 18/2014
Patch Notes - June 17th, 2014 We had a brief maintenace, and we're back live, baby! Come check out what we've worked on, what we are planning to do, and read about STEAM LAUNCH! 
La Tale Patch&Updates | June 17/2014
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