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Red Stone
Setup & Patching
  • What are the PC requirements to play La Tale?
  • OS:
    Min : Window 98/2000/XP
    Max : Window 2000/XP/Vista

    Min : Pentium3 866Mhz
    Max : Pentium4 2Ghz

    Min : 512M
    Max : 1G

    Min : Geforce4 MX
    Max : GeForce4 4200

    Direct X
    Min / Max : DirectX 9.0c

    Min / Max : 1G or higher
    * We do not support Voodoo VGA cards. System requirements may change due to content updates.
Game Play
  • Is La Tale a free game?
  • Yes, La Tale is a free-to-play game. You do not have to pay any monthly subscription fee. Some cool costumes and items, however, are only available for Astros which do cost money.
  • Is there a limit to the amount of time I can play La Tale each day?
  • No. You can play La Tale as much as you want with no subscription fee.
  • How can I level my character up faster?
  • To level up faster, make sure to do quests while playing the game.
    There are several unique quests to help you reach the top levels with fun.
  • Why can't I use the nickname of a prior character I deleted?
  • Once you delete your character, the name cannot be used again. Be cautious when you delete your character.
  • I can't open the locked box. How can I open it?
  • Only the Explorer class can open this type of box.
    Explorers must first learn a special skill to open this box.
    Go to Ases in Belos and buy the "Unlock" Skill Book to learn this skill.
    You have to be at least level 10 to learn this skill.
System Error
  • La Tale keeps giving me error messages and will not launch.
  • If you get one of the following error messages, you have to update your graphic card's drivers or Direct X (9.0c or higher):

    Direct3D can't create.
    Enumerate Devices failed.
    Device can't choose.
    Device can't create.

    If you still can't play after updating your drivers, please follow these steps to run DXDiag and modify the options:
    Start > Run > type "DXDiag" > Check "Use" for Direct Draw acceleration, Direct 3D acceleration, AGP acceleration in Display 1 tab.
  • I received a "Can't access windows installer service" error message.
  • 1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance
    2. Select Administrative Tools.
    3. Select Service.
    4. Double-click Window Installer.
    5. Set Start-up Type to "Manual" and Service Status to "Stopped".

    Click "Apply" to finish.
  • During gameplay, the graphics stop working.
  • If the graphics stop working correct, it usually means that your computers graphic card drivers are not up-to-date. Try the following:

    *Graphic Driver Update
    1. Start -> Run and type in dxdiag.
    2. After opening the dxdiag window, go to the display tab.
    3. In the display window, check the date of your last update on your graphic card.
    4. Find the correct update for your graphic card and update it.

    If the problem still occurs, then you can email us your computer information and we will gladly help you. Here are the steps to send the information.

    *Sending the dxdiag file
    1. Start -> Run and type in dxdiag.
    2. In the dxdiag window, click on "save all information" which is located at the bottom of the window.
    3. Send us the saved file.

    We will respond as soon as we check the file.
  • I can't log on to the server after the update.
  • First, check if version of client is up to date. When opening La Tale, it will automatically patch to the latest version. If it doesn't patch automatically then you can patch it manually by clicking on the patch button.
  • When loading the game, the screen blacks out and won't load.
  • Depending on what graphic card you use, you may get an error while using the Full Screen mode. Try using a different display settings in the option menu and try again.
Hacking & Violations
  • What is considered hacking?
  • Hacking is using a program or a hook to alter the game and give yourself an advantage over the other players in the server. A hacking program can be as innocent as a calculator, since even though it doesn't hook into the game's code, it is still giving yourself an unfair advantage over other players. You should only use the knowledge you are given and learn to play the game at your own pace.
  • How do I report a Bad-Mannered Player?
  • If you find a bad-mannered player during the game, you may report him or her by clicking on the report button. When you decide to report someone, your chat log will be saved and sent. After we check the chat log, we will take care of the problems.
  • I got hacked, what should I do?
  • If you were hacked; be sure to mail us right away. Please provide the information listed below when reporting hacking.

    1. Hacked account name
    2. Date of hacking.
    3. Brief information on the hacking.
    4. Phone number we can reach you through.

    After we receive your information we will temporarily block the account in order to investigate the hacking. It may be troublesome that you won't be able to access your account, but we are doing this so the hacking won't happen again, please understand. After we are done looking through the hacking, we will need a proof of your name in order to match the account. You may send a copy your proof through mail or through fax.
  • How can I report the use of 3rd party programs?
  • If you find a hacker or someone using a 3rd party program, be sure to report him or her right away. Remember to provide the information listed below when reporting the user.

    1. User name of the user who was hacking or using a 3rd party program.
    2. Date which it has occurred.
    3. Server where this user was found.
    4. A screenshot to prove the report.

    We will look into it thoroughly with the screenshot and the information you have sent us and will take care of the problem right away.