OGPlanet Heroes of the realm SD Gundam
Capsule Fighter
Red Stone
  • What are the system requirements for Lost Saga installation?
  • The following is the minimum and recommended system requirements to play Lost Saga. Keep in mind, if your computer only meets the minimum requirements you may experience problems when trying to play.

    Minimum Requirement
    CPU: Pentium III (800Mhz or above)
    Ram: 256M or above
    GPU: GeForce2 MX or above

    Recommended Requirement
    CPU: Pentium IV (2Ghz or above)
    Ram: 512M or above
    GPU: GeForce 6600 or above
Patch & Update
  • How do I uninstall Lost Saga.
  • To delete Lost Saga from your computer:
    [Start] ->[ Programs] -> [Lost Saga] -> [Uninstall Lost Saga]
  • How do I change my ID or Nickname?
  • You cannot change your OGPlanet UserID.
    Please make sure the ID you register with is one you want to use.

    If you would like to change your Nickname in Lost Saga, you will have to purchase the [Name Changer] from the [Shop].

    Creating multiple fake accounts is against OGPlanet's guidelines and can result in some or all of the accounts being permanently banned.
  • I'd like to change my password
  • To change your password you must login to your account on and click [My Account] in the top right corner.
    You'll be asked to answer your secret question to make any changes.
  • How do I take screenshots and record videos?
  • -Screenshots
    To take a screenshot press the [Print Screen] key.

    To start or stop recording videos, press the [Scroll Lock] key.
  • I took some screenshots and videos, where can I find them?
  • Screenshots and video files are saved to a designated folder:
    C:/Document and Settings/Your Computer Name/Desktop/Lostsaga_screenshot

    You can change where the files are saved in the [Options] menu under the [Misc.] tab.
    To play and edit videos made with the in-game video recorder you will need to download this codec:
  • What is Movie Mode?
  • Movie Mode is a special camera mode perfect for taking awesome screenshots and videos. Click the right mouse button or scroll your mouse wheel to activate it.

    Movie Mode hides most of the interface. You can also adjust what interface elements are visible in movie mode in the [Options] menu under the [Misc] tab.

    You can freely rotate and zoom the camera in this mode. If you use Movie Mode as a Spectator or while you are waiting to respawn you can view the battle from other players' perspectives.
  • The time on my Hero is almost up and I don't have any Peso.
  • If your Hero's time has run out and you cannot afford to purchase a new one you will be given a free Hero for 2 hours.
  • I'm curious about the Rep System.
  • The Rep system was implemented to easily deal with rude, obnoxious, disrespectful players.

    However, no matter how sophisticated a system is, there will always be incidents that cannot be addressed by it.
    It is up to our Lost Saga players to create a welcoming, fun, and safe environment for everyone. Be respectful and treat others the way you want to be treated.

    Rep Icon
    Your Rep has 3 stages: Good, OK, and Bad.
    Players without any reports will remain [Good] as reports start coming in it will go from [Good] to [OK] and eventually down to [Bad].

    Rep Restrictions
    When your Rep drops to [OK] rewards from battles will decrease.
    When your Rep becomes [Bad], you'll receive less reward from battles and be unable to chat in-game.

    Rep Management
    Once a report is submitted the reported player's Rep will drop immediately.
    GMs will then investigate the situation.
    Rep will either stay down or be restored depending on the validity of the report. If the report is false then the person who submitted it will have their Rep reduced.
    Rep can go down a little or a lot depending on the seriousness of the reported incident.

    Restoring Rep Logging into the game each day, playing nice with others, and being respectful will slowly cause your Rep to go back up.