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  • Do I have to pay registration or subscription fees?
  • Registration to OGPlanet is completely FREE and all of our games are free to play FOREVER! You will only have to pay for the cash-based items that you want.
  • I signed up but can’t log into the site.
  • If you have signed up but cannot access the game, most likely you have not verified your account. All users must verify their account on the website with the verification code sent to their registered email account. This will activate your account.
  • How do I verify my account?
  • verification code will be sent to the email address you entered during registration. Visit the Log In/Sign Up page and click on "VERIFY ACCOUNT". Enter your ID and Password to get a verification code sent to your email address. If you do not remember your ID and Password, we advise you to create a new account with the correct email address.
  • I’m not getting my verification email. What should I do?
  • There might be several reasons for this problem:
    1. The email address you have entered is not working. Check to make sure the account is receiving emails.
    2. The email address you have entered is filtering out emails. Search your Junk/Spam folder for the verification email.
    3. Your email account is full. Delete some emails to create room for the verification email.
    If none of these are working, try entering a different email address and then click “Re-send Verification Code”.
  • I cannot run or jump diagonally. How do I fix this?
  • This issue usually happens with older models of keyboards. Depending on your brand of keyboard, each keyboard can only compute a certain amount of key presses at the same time. If your keyboard is a newer model or is a gaming keyboard, please make sure that the keyboard is working properly.
  • How do I join a Guild?
  • Hit the “Menu” button on the bottom menu bar and click on “Guild.” You will be taken to a separate screen where you can apply for various Guilds, search for a specific Guild, manage a Guild (if you are a Guild leader), or leave, or even disband, your Guild. Before joining a Guild, it is proper to notify your prospective Guild’s leader or vice-leader. Once you know which Guild you’re going to apply for, search up the name and click “Apply.” Your application will be sent and left for a Guild leader or vice-leader to approve. Once you’ve gone through, congratulations! You’ve just joined a Guild!
  • What’s a Guild?
  • A Guild is a group of players, usually led by a single player, who’ve banded together under a common interest. Be it a mutual love for all things blue, a penchant for laughter, or just because they enjoy kicking butt at Demolition, a Guild is just a place for people to chat and hang out with a bunch of others who enjoy the things they do.
  • Can I gift boss items to a friend with my medal shop points?
  • No, you are only allowed to spend your medal shop points on yourself. There is no gift system for medal points.
  • How can I go to my friend’s room?
  • If you have your friend added, right click his/her name and press "Play together" to join them.
  • What are the yellow circles next to my player’s picture in the game?
  • The yellow circles represent the number of panic skills you have left. By pressing the kick and punch buttons simultaneously, you can initiate a panic attack, which is a 360 spin that is impervious to other attacks and will knock enemies away. However, you only get one panic skill each round, so use it carefully! An extra panic can be purchased in the item shop.
  • What are Astros?
  • Astros are the main currency of OGPlanet, which can be used throughout the entire universe of our games. At any time, you can purchase Astros on and spend them on special items in all OGPlanet games.
  • How can I buy Astros?
  • Astros can be purchased in our Astro Shop ( Please note that you must have a registered OGPlanet account in order to purchase Astros.
  • Can I get a refund?
  • We do not give refunds, except in demonstrated cases of credit card fraud or under the terms agreed to when purchasing a product or service as agreed to during the payment process.
  • Can I purchase Astros from someone else or resell my Astros?
  • Astros may only be purchased from the OGPlanet Astro Shop or through OGPlanet-certified prepaid cards. Any other sources are considered fraudulent and can result in termination of your account.
  • Can I transfer my Astros to a different account?
  • Astros are non-transferrable.
  • Are OGPlanet games Pay-To-Play (P2P)?
  • OGPlanet is committed to keeping all of our games free with no purchase or subscription fees. Only special accessories, equipment, and other items (which are wholly optional and never mandatory) can be purchased with our in-game currency.
  • What is account verification?
  • If you are a new player, the first time you visit our Get Astros page you will see a page prompting you to verify your account. This is a one-time step that all players have to complete before they can buy Astros, complete free Astro offers, OR receive Astros as gifts from friends.

    Simply enter your first and last name in the boxes provided and click the Send button to the right of the page. After you receive your verification email and click on the link, you will be able to visit our full billing page.
  • Where's my verification link?
  • If you have not received your verification email after sending it, then please confirm that the email you provided on account registration is a legitimate and working email address. Be sure to check your spam or junk folder in the email. If you still have not received the email, then try purchasing Astros again. A popup will show up with a link to send a new verification email.
  • Can I buy Astros for someone else?
  • You can buy Astros as a gift for another account by checking the "Gift" box above our billing agreement when you make a purchase. Be sure to enter the OGP user ID (and not the in-game name) of the person you want to gift. If you think you have accidentally gifted Astros to the wrong user, send a ticket to the Help Desk immediately explaining the situation and we will work to assist you.

    In addition, please remember that users can’t buy Astros OR receive them as gifts until their account has been verified. If you are sending Astros to a friend who is new to OGPlanet, be sure to remind them to complete this step first!
  • Why is my PayPal order on hold?
  • For certain purchases, PayPal uses something called an eCheck, which places a temporary hold on your transaction. Per PayPal’s policy, we must wait for these holds to clear before your order can be completed. Please see this link for more information about eChecks:

    The hold usually clears within 3-5 business days, after which your account will be automatically credited the Astros you bought. If you believe your eCheck has cleared but you have still not received your Astros, please contact the Help Desk to let us know and we investigate for you.
  • Why won't my PayPal account work with this username?
  • When you use PayPal to buy Astros for the first time, your user ID and PayPal account are permanently bound to each other on our site. This means that no other user can buy with that PayPal, and only the original PayPal account can be used for that OGP username. Please keep this in mind when you use PayPal to buy Astros.
  • What does Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode mean?
  • The Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode program allows you to set up a password which you are required to enter during online purchases to protect your credit card from fraud. You can find out more about these programs and how to enroll by following the appropriate links when making a credit card purchase.

    If your credit card is not enrolled in the MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa program, we will not be able to accept it for Astro purchases. You are welcome to use an alternate payment method such as PayPal, PaybyCash, or Openbucks.
  • How can I change my password?
  • Click on the "My Account" link in the My Planet menu and enter the required information. You will then be able to change your password and other personal information.
  • Can I change my Login ID?
  • No, you can not change your Login ID once it has been created. This is why you must be careful to pick the name you want when you first register.
  • How can I change my e-mail address?
  • Click on the "My Account>Edit E-mail" link in the My Planet menu and enter the required information. You will then be able to change your e-mail. Note that every time you change your e-mail account information, you'll be asked to go through the confirmation process again for security reasons. Make sure that your e-mail address is accurate and current because it will be used for password recovery and prize confirmation.
  • How do I close/delete my account?
  • If you wish to delete your account, you can do so by going to the "Close Account" page on Log in, click on "My Profile", click on "Close Account", and then fill out the necessary information. Closed accounts will not be recovered, so please be careful!
  • Will OGPlanet ever ask me for my password?
  • NEVER. Your password is yours to keep and should not be known by anyone else but yourself. OGPlanet will NEVER ask for sensitive information such as this, so please do not give your password out to anyone.
  • I forgot my security question and answer. Can I get it?
  • If you forgot both your security question and answer, you will need to write into our help desk . Please be sure to write in with the email you registered your account with.
  • What characters can I choose from?
  • In Rumble Fighter, you must first create a fighter class (Striker, Soul Fighter, Elementalist, Alchemist, Android, Shaman). After choosing a class, you are free to create your own character style, via the use of Scrolls and Exocores.