Got Points? Let’s Switch Those into Free PSN Codes brings out the OG in you by giving you the best free way to get PSN codes.
How does it work?
Gamers are usually fast typists and that’s good. That’s really good. If you’re familiar with microtasks then you’ll have an inkling of how easy they are to complete. Watch an advertisement video, tweet on social media, post a referral link and more. Once you’re done, you get Points. Here comes the good part, you can switch those points into great rewards such as gift cards and even PlayStation codes!
How long does it take?
Well, how long can you fill up a 2-minute survey honestly? Or how long is your typical YouTube video advertisement? Once you finish tasks such as these, we’ll validate them and then you’ll get rewarded your Points.

What are FREE PSN Codes??

Once you have your Points, you can then convert them into your much sought after PSN codes.
Do I need to download anything or put my credit card details in? I don’t have one!
No worries! You don’t need a credit card in order to join. Here at, we make absolutely sure that our partner advertisers only give out the best of the best offers that you can 100% trust. But don’t take our word for it, do your own research and choose the Offer that’s best for you.

Free PSN Codes can be used to purchase games / DLC and many other items sold on the Playstation Network!

Free PSN Codes

Free PSN codes

We get it. You want the latest Gran Turismo on your PlayStation and you want it bad.
But it’s priced at a premium! With, we help you get discount codes so that Gran Turismo or that latest NBA Live feels lighter on the pocket. But it’s not just that. These codes can also be good with other PlayStation Gear and 1000’s of games that are on the PlayStation Store.
DLCs, gear and games are up for the taking as we help you buy them.
Once you got the Points you can virtually choose from any reward, gift card or PlayStation codes that you like. For PlayStation, use the code and redeem it in the Account Management section of their online store.

Avoid PSN Code Generator Sites

Fake sites proclaiming that they’ve somehow managed to hack PlayStation’s Store and get all the codes are there for one reason and one reason alone: to dupe you. If you find one, quickly click on the ‘X’ button at the top right of your window.
These outlandish sites barely even make the minimum standard when creating offer sites. Legit offer sites get quality partners and reliable advertisers that really pay. That’s how the system works. You get your Points and codes, they get another customer – everybody wins.
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Sign up now and Earn Free PSN Codes

Sign up now and Earn Free PSN Codes

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Be Rewarded for your Efforts!
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Complete tasks

Complete Tasks

Once you have signed up simply login and start earning points by completing offers, surveys, reviews and many other Point earning tasks! There are many to choose from so you can be sure there will be tasks that best suit you.
Claim rewards

Claim Rewards

Convert your earned points in to rewards, you may choose from a large variety of Gift Cards, PayPal Money or Bitcoin, it really is that easy. We have a dedicated support team working around the clock to provide every customer with help if need be if you get stuck.