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Hello and welcome to our first official blog post, this is going to be a short and snappy post to give you guys a small insight behind the scenes and our current state in terms of development. As some of you may be aware we have been working extremely hard the last couple of months to try and develop a Front-end user friendly website that explain our service, and also a backend where our users can login securely and have a pleasant experience using our platform.

We are now on our final stages of our backend and will be beta testing with a few hundred pre-registered members that will help us fish out any bugs and issues that we don’t want during our official release, nobody wants that! Once we are up and running users will be able to sign up and complete offers/surveys/reviews and many other micro-tasks which earn points. These points can then be spent on Gift Cards, Paypal Cash and Bitcoin. All you have to do is earn enough points and that’s it!

We are looking to launch officially on March 5th 2020, however this is not set in stone, so please be patient if this isn’t the case, we can assure you we are trying our best to develop a masterpiece that not only we will love, but hopefully you will too!

We will keep you posted with more information shortly,

Stay tuned OG’s!

OGPlanet Development Team!

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