Privacy Policy – 28/01/20

OGPlanet Limited, a company duly registered and organized in the United Kingdom, under the style and known simply as “OG Planet”, operating online with a web address of, is similarly identified on various social media sites like twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others as the case may be, as “OG Planet”, cooperatively also known as “the Site”, “the Company” or “the Service”.

OG Planet has created a novel business system that allows participants to take part in “Offers” or activities sponsored by its partner advertisers. Upon successful completion of an offer, “Points” are awarded to them. These Points can be exchanged for various items. This is a portion of the service OG Planet conducts.

During the course of the process of conducting surveys and other similar activities for the purposes of conducting market research, users may be asked to give information about their selves to determine their viability as a market segment. Some of this information may include the following, but are not limited to: age, sex, race, ethnic origins, gender identification and market behaviour.

It is essential to indicate that Your participation in these activities is out of Your own volition. Through Your participation, you are expressly indicating and deciding to joining in an exchange. The exchange involves the data made available by You and Your response to the questionnaires, forms, prompts or any such interactive activities the Service or the Website may offer. You also understand that Your eligibility to receive rewards, prizes and points is entirely contingent and dependent on the successful completion of an Offer.

By registering, joining and participating on the Website, you agree and fully consent to the Company’s use of the information You provided, including but not limited to: collecting, processing, collating, aggregating, maintaining, transferring and storing this data. The Company maintains the highest standards of security in all of these processes. You also understand that this information may be shared to partners, affiliates and sponsors under the most stringent methodologies and with the goal of protecting Your personal privacy in mind.

OG Planet in this regard, under the terms and descriptions provided for in the GDPR or such other laws that may apply, acts as a data controller involved in custodianship, processing and control of OG Planet’s customers.

OG Planet is posting this privacy policy “Policy” in order to inform users, participants, authorities and other stakeholders as to the extent of the processes involved in the handling of its user’s personal data.

This Policy also governs other affiliated sites, applications or services that the Company has control over.  However, this “Service” as defined by OG Planet on this document does not cover other websites that may or may not be related with a different privacy policy. The purpose of this document is to acknowledge and educate “You” the user, about how we specifically manage Your Personally Identifiable Information and other information that may pertain to Your usage of the Service. Users who use our Services are legally entitled to information about how these processes are carried out. It also describes what information we process, what we do with this information and how we perform these operations including all attendant disclosure information as the law requires. It is also our hope that by doing so, we are in effect enhancing Your user experience on the Site.


We implore you to peruse the contents of this document carefully. Know that your future or continued usage of the Site establishes Your agreement and consent to provisions set forth in this privacy policy. What it does not cover are the information gathered, collected and taken from third-party sites that may be linked to from any of OG Planet’s online properties. Again, it must be reiterated that affiliated sites, that may or may not be linked to OG Planet, which have their own privacy policy are not covered in this document. The Company’s social media accounts are also covered by this privacy policy.

Kindly study this document with full comprehension. Through your continued usage of the Service, you are agreeing that you are informed by reading and understanding the contents of these terms and conditions that You fully agree with them. You are also acknowledging and agreeing to have read other related and pertinent documents governing Your usage of the Service. As such, your agreement also means that you will abide by these terms and conditions.

If by any circumstance or condition you should disagree with any, or all terms and conditions as set forth in this document as well as other related material, kindly exit from the Site, and refrain from its usage immediately.



Personal Data – pertains to information gathered voluntarily or involuntarily about a living human person who may or may not be identified through such information, including but not limited to information given through any manual mechanism or through computer generated mechanisms (such as cookies, etc.)

Usage Data – pertains to information gathered involuntarily and through the usage of the Service’s functions and mechanisms, that indicate how a particular individual person behaves or uses the Service. An example for this is the standard information generated by a user’s web browser.

Cookies – Internet cookies are sent from a server to a user’s web browser and machine. They usually consist of simple bits of text strings.

Data Controller – any entity, whether in representation or as an individual operator of a website, makes authoritative decisions governing the usage, collection, storage and overall management of personal data belonging to the users of the same website.

Data Processor – any entity, whether representing an organization or as an individual, who performs functions related to processing personal data for the Data Controller.

Data Subject – any entity, whether as an individual or representing an organization who by his/her actions on a website, generate data attributable to a single identity.

User – any entity, who voluntarily uses the Service by accessing its website, digital properties or applications. The User often correlates with the Data Subject.


What We Collect

The Site gathers information and data about the User the moment the User accesses the website and then a cookie is generated automatically. The Site mainly gathers data through forms that the User fills up during registration, during the fulfillment and completion of Offers and during other circumstances which require voluntary User input.


Information You Give Us

The Site gathers information about You, the User, in order to generate marketing profiles that’s essential for actionable marketing research. In this regard, such information that we may opt to gather about You include: your full name, permanent address, active email address, contact number, preferred login name and passkey.  Other demographic information that we could gather may include, but are not limited to, age, ethnic background, employment status, gender identification and other such information that may be necessary in determining the marketability of a product or a service. European users have a section following below:

Login credentials and other communication information: This includes data that may pinpoint a user and contact him or her when necessary. The most common methodology to contact a user for pertinent information include Your email address, complete name and username. Login credentials include the user name associated with a complete name. This, in conjunction with a password may be used to gain access to a User account within the Service.

Transaction Information: Any and all data you generate with a financial (or represents a financial nature, such as Points) within the Site is described as transaction information. This may include time stamps or such other information that will be used to validate or verify your completion of an Offer. Any and all data pertinent to your activity on the Site may be needed for the proper functioning of the Site’s proper operation.

Automatically Collected Information

Most websites on the Internet utilize Google Analytics, Statcounter or such other third-party user tracking software. This is usually included in the website as a Javascript embed or a short snippet of code. The purpose of this is to determine who users are and to what extent any website plays a role in their browsing habits. As such, the Site is employing or may employ such third-party services for the purposes of gathering data. The standard information gathered by these services include but are not limited to: Your web browser type (ie Firefox, Chrome, etc), Your computer’s IP address on the network, the physical location associated with the IP address, referring URL, URLs visited, duration of visit per web page, operating system, and others.

Cookies: As is standard on virtually a majority of web sites and servers, cookies are utilized to gather information that will make the user experience better. Your continued usage of the site carries with it an implicit affirmation that You agree to the use of cookies as the Site or third-party tools may utilize. You agree that these cookies will be copied onto your device’s hard disk storage. You also agree that such tools are meant for the betterment of Your user experience on the Site.


Use of Personal Information

Most websites which store personal data about their users, do so in order to track the behavior of their users on the platform. The Site also uses such user management software or add-ons as the case may be in order to do so. One of the purposes for these is to match the appropriate survey or contest to users belonging in a specific geographic region.

Note that information of this nature is voluntary on Your part and may be transferred to our third

-party advertisers or partners. We will only divest this information if you consent to this with full knowledge of the implication attendant to it. By doing so, and by agreeing, it will allow the Site to give you more Offers from third party sponsors and advertisers, which could mean more opportunities for You.

Apart from those previously mentioned, your personal data is also utilized in this manner:

  1. In the normal course of the Site’s operation to manage, sustain, and update our services, products, applications and web properties.
  2. To better manage and administer competition entries and prizes
  3. To better deliver customer support services
  4. To better update the Site’s users concerning important bulletins, notifications, warnings, announcements, alerts or other administrative communication necessary for the user’s consumption.
  5. To keep the User apprised of upcoming advertisings, Offers, plugs, community events, and other promotional material that the User may opt to receive.

During the course of the Site’s operations, this personal data along with other service data are managed by the Site’s administrators. You, as the User who is using the Site, is the source of the information generated. It is important to note that without this data, the Site’s operations will not be functional, account security and user management would be impossible. It is through the databases generated by these activities that we are able to provide these services including backups and important communications.


Children’s Privacy Policy

In line with and in compliance with the US Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act, the GDPR and such other laws in different jurisdictions that may apply, the Site makes it clear that the Site does NOT deliberately gather or ask for the personal information of individuals who are below 16 years of age. Furthermore, the Site makes it clear that this would only be allowed PROVIDED such act is guided and is given with consent of a parent or a legal guardian.

We strongly advise individuals who are below 16 years of age, to not send any personal data to the Site and to not participate in any online earning opportunities. Access can only be granted through parental consent and permission. As such, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the parent or the legal guardian who is strongly advised to read the terms and conditions of the Site.

Should it occur that the Site may have overlooked the age of a member joining accidentally, who is a minor without parental consent, the Site’s administrators shall immediately delete that account and all corresponding information related to it. This is in compliance with the FTC’s COPPA and such laws that may be related.

Note: If you are the legal guardian or parent of a minor who is under the age of 16 and who may have joined and participated in the Site, you may contact us at!/contact. We will facilitate the expedient removal of the child’s account at the soonest possible time.


Allocation of Personal Information

In order to facilitate its business, OG Planet finds sponsors or advertisers who may want access to marketable research data voluntarily provided by market participants. This may include personal data and other such information that may have commercial value. This information is then traded by rewarding users “Points”. It is important to note that these Points do not have inherent monetary value, they are merely a quantifiable means utilized by the Site to measure the participation of an individual in the program. Points can then be converted to gift cards and other such rewards that are available.

Personal information that is marketable may include demographic data. This may include, but are not limited to, things about yourself including: residence, citizenship, gender identification, hobbies, age, occupation and others. For more details, kindly locate the section below called “European Users” and “Survey Communication”. This is entirely optional and Users may opt-out of the program if they feel that the questions are too intrusive.

Personal data about Users and members may also be shared during negotiation proceedings with third parties concerning commercial arrangements or even the partial sale of the Site and all its properties. Such arrangements may include but are not limited to due diligence conducted by third parties about Site’s users, mergers, takeovers, purchase, bankruptcy proceedings and other similar nature.

Personal data about Users and members may also be shared upon the request of law enforcement, government agencies and with our legal counsel for instances arising out of but not limited to, legal requirements arising out of any injunction, court order or similar requests.

Personal data about Users and members may also be shared in conformity to pertinent laws, regulations or memorandums.

Personal data about Users and members may also be shared in compliance with judicially sanctioned orders, warrants, notices or such of similar nature.

Personal data about Users and members may also be shared with our legal counsel for the purposes of the Company’s legal defense and/or security. This extends to the Company’s assigns, legal representatives, atty-in-fact, customers, agents, etc. This goes hand-in-hand with the Company’s efforts to safeguard the rights and privileges of all users and may be achieved through the proper enforcement of any pertinent rules and regulations pertaining to such.


Personal data about Users and members may also be shared in the course of any unforeseen emergency for the purpose of protecting the physical safety of our staff, representatives or any individual whose safety may be contingent on such information.


Personal data about Users and members may also be shared with our partner-sponsors, advertisers, representatives including but not limited to, subsidiaries and affiliates. This is necessary in order to generate market-relevant information as needed in promotions, offers or surveys.


Third Party Advertising Consultants

Personal data about Users and members may also be shared with third party advertising consultants. Such services allow the Company, to maximize the commercial value that the aggregated user data may provide. Such companies have a broader reach and enable advertising networks to fully utilize a data infrastructure that’s wide-ranging. These sites’ privacy policies may differ from the Site’s. Please check accordingly.


Such personal data of Site Users shared by OG Planet to third-party market research (“Third-Party MR”) or third-party advertising networks may include, but are not limited to the following: Your username, user identification ID (“UID”), complete address, approximate geophysical location, gender identification, marriage status, educational attainment, racial information (with limitations per jurisdiction), occupation, number of household members in residence, market consumption of products or services, device ownership, automobile ownership, electronics ownership, employment data, hobbies, and such others that may have research and commercial value for the following rationale or functions:


  1. Third-Party MR client/user matching opportunities.
  2. Third-Party MR data analytics concerning user base.
  3. Third-Party MR data analytics delivered to their clients for market data research, or such
  4. Other opportunities of such nature, that Third-Party MR Companies may require.

The process involved in client/user matching provided by Third-Party MRs is initiated when your data is matched to a corresponding offer or opportunity. The Third-Party MR sends an update or a notification to the Company when such a match occurs including but not limited to Your User ID and the offer that is made to You. The Site then transmits this notification to You through whatever communication or update mechanism is available through the Site. Note that your contact information is not directly shared to Third-Party MRs, nor will they initiate contact with You, regarding an offer or opportunity.

Be advised that the personal data of Users that are shared, may be distributed, transferred and stored in physical servers outside of the United States, or in various locations as the case may be. Your continued use of the Site, is an explicit agreement on Your part regarding this methodology involving sharing, distribution, transfer and storage of your data.

Should you have any query concerning this methodology or process, you may use the contact form located at!/contact. Furthermore, you can opt to exclude your account from such Third-Party offers by directly corresponding with our customer service staff via the Account home page. Once you disengage this option, OG Planet will communicate with the Third-Party MR Companies informing them of Your desire to opt-out of such offers. Note that OG Planet as the primary custodian or facilitator between You and the Third-Party MR, is the exclusive manager of all opt-out requirements. If you have finished a survey or offer with such Third-Party MRs prior to such a request, you will not be entitled to any reward, membership, offer or any such matter that may be offered by the Third-Party MR.

European Users

European Users who are covered by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are hereby entreated:

  1. OG Planet is permitted to service European Users.
  2. OG Planet is hereby identified as the Data Controller for European Users in that it bears the authority to determine how their personal data is utilized, processed and stored.
  3. You consent to OG Planet’s role in the acquisition, utility, processing and storage of Your personal data so that we can provide the services that You hereby acknowledge to use.
  4. OG Planet’s lawful reason in the handling and custody of Your personal data falls under the ambit of “legitimate interests”. None of your legal or privacy rights are violated during the course of our operations.
  5. We therefore commit to handling your personal information legitimately and conducted in a transparent way that will be fair for all Users.
  6. All personal data will be handled, stored and utilized in the way that has been described on this document and solely for the necessity of running the Service.
  7. We endeavor to conduct your personal data only for as long as needed in the proper functioning of the Site.
  8. We endeavor to employ the necessary means and methods to keep your personal data secure by industry standards to keep it safe from unwarranted and unlawful use by unsanctioned entities.
  9. Your continued usage of the Site and Your voluntary submission of personal data is an explicit agreement on Your behalf, to the transmission, utility, storage and subsequent transfer to the Site’s third-party sponsors and advertisers, who may make use of such information associated with marketing, promotions and other offers attenuating to the circumstances.
  10. It is Your sole prerogative to retract this consent at any moment you deem fit. You’re also entitled the right to request the permanent removal of any and all, personal data the Site may have.
  11. It is Your right to receive copies of Your personal data stored on the Site. If you see the need for it, kindly contact our support channels and request the same.
  12. OG Planet is based in London, in the United Kingdom, however during the course of our operations, some of our web servers may be located in other jurisdictions. In such instances, you recognize and accept the possibility that Your data, may be transmitted, utilized and stored outside of Europe.
  13. OG Planet’s custodianship covers all of Your personal data generated willfully or automatically through the Site. This custodianship lasts up to such duration the User requests the deletion thereof. Once an account deletion request is commenced, You will also be asked to delete your User account. Once that action is commenced and completed, you will no longer be able to access the Service and partake of its promotions, offers, rewards and other activities.
  14. At any given time, You bear the right to request for Your personal data by requesting OG Planet’s Data Protection Officer. He may be contacted via the form located on!/contact.


Users based in California

The California Consumer Privacy Act covers users who reside in or are located in California.

  1. Under the guidelines set forth by the CCPA, the users of any web service have the right to demand copies of pertinent data concerning the acquisition, utility, transfer and storage of their personal data covering a period of 12 months prior to the request made.
  2. It is also the right of the user, to ask that any and all personal data concerning the user, with a few exceptions, be deleted and expunged from the Service. The exception covers data involving transactions, as well as system critical information that may be needed in the maintenance of the Site’s services via the servers.
  3. It is the right of the user to ask to gain access to information pertaining to his or her Personal Data generated through the Site. Copies of such can go as far as 12 months prior to a request for access.
  4. Upon receipt of such a request, the Site will then furnish the User with an aggregated summary that is classified and sorted. The Site will then furnish the User with a detailed explanation about how personal data functions in the web services’ systems.
  5. Upon receipt of such a request, the Site will then furnish the User with an aggregated summary that is classified and sorted detailing their function in the Site’s conduct of its business operations.
  6. Upon receipt of such a request, the Site will then furnish the User with an aggregated summary that is classified and sorted detailing their role with third-party partners, sponsors and advertisers.

Read on for further details.


There are a few guidelines when making any of the requests mentioned previously. The first step involves initiating the request inclusive of the type of request that is being made. You may make this request over at this url,!/contact.


Consequently, this request will then be validated and verified using information gleaned from the User’s account. To verify Your identity, You may be asked to furnish a government identification. With proper legal authorization, the User can also make this request through an authorized legal representative.

Such requests can be made two times over a 12-month period. No discrimination of any nature will be given for exercising rights as held by the CCPA.


Survey Communication

The Company will occasionally send You promotional or marketing material via email or through such other means that you have given us. This may include Offers from third-party sponsors or advertisers and surveys that will appear on Your user dashboard immediately after signing in If you wish to not participate in these, kindly contact our friendly support staff over at!/contact.


Data Options and Updates

OG Planet’s business operations are contingent on User data. You agree that Your participation in the Site and any of its services is an explicit agreement to receiving updates or notifications via email from the Service. All of our email correspondence will bear instructions on how to exclude Yourself from such updates and notifications.

Should you decide to exclude yourself in such promotional correspondence, You will still receive notifications concerning Your usage of the Site such as, but not limited to, non-marketing material pertaining to login activity, security bulletins, transaction activity, other site activity or any such of the same nature.

You will always have the ability to send requests concerning Your personal data via multiple channels. However, we recommend using this url!/contact.

Such requests may involve changing user data, updates, requests for access, request for copies and requests for deletion.

You also have the ability to disallow the usage of Internet cookies in order to lessen user data generated on the Site. You may do so by consulting Your web browser’s documentation concerning the rejection of cookies. Please bear in mind however, that doing so impedes the performance of the Site and Your user experience may be diminished.

Personal Data Security

The Company places a high priority for ensuring that its Users personal data is secured and encrypted with the highest of standards. However, do know for a fact that such security measures do not create an absolute guarantee that such will be kept safe. We can only do so on a best-effort-basis.


Contact Information

We value any and all opinion, feedback or suggestions from the Site’s users. Should you have any query about the Privacy Policy or any other concern about the Site, You are always welcome to contact us via the form at!/contact.


Privacy Policy Changes

The Company reserves the right to make modifications and changes to this Privacy Policy. In line with efforts to comply with the reglementary provisions of various legal jurisdictions, You may see this web page, updated from time-to-time. Should change be applied to this document, it would be reflected on the final statement below this document.

The Privacy Policy located on this web page was last updated on January 28, 2020.