What is Staples?

The Massachusetts-based office and general supplies retailer began in 1986 with the goal of focusing on providing for the needs of offices in the United States and beyond. The founders Leo Kahn and Thomas Stemberg saw the need for an office supplies superstore that could fulfill the needs of offices not just in the United States, but all over the world.
Founding lore has it that, Stemberg had difficulty finding printer ribbons along many of the retail outlets when he desperately needed to print something. Thus, the idea of an office supplies megastore was created.
By 2016, Staples generated revenue of $20.2 billion dollars in sales. Since then, the focus has primarily been on the transition to online markets.

What is a Staples gift card?

A Staples gift card is every office manager’s dream item. They may not be as exciting as an Xbox console, but they’re seriously helpful for a manager bent on keeping his team well supplied. To use it, you’d either have to purchase one or receive one as a gift, or better earn one on on our earning platform!

Earn points by completing surveys, offers, reviewing products and other micro-tasks, you can then exchange your points for a Staples or many other rewards to choose from!

Free Staples Gift Card

How to use a Staples gift card?

The mechanics are actually very simple. If you receive a Staples gift card, you can maximize the time you spend on resupplying efficiently. Instead of going to retail outlets, you can use it to simply order online and have the item delivered.
Redemption can be done online or traditionally through retail outlets. The main advantage of this set-up is how it factors in office needs through their niche market.

Once you have an account over at Staples, you can then purchase any item you like. If you’re personally buying it make sure that the amount you have in the card covers any purchase you will be making.

How to get free Staples gift cards

If you’re lucky enough to have stumbled on this website, then consider it to be your lucky day! Simply register then proceed with doing online gigs called “microtasks”. These small tasks barely take an hour to accomplish and can even be done in the comfort of your own home.
For every action that you complete, you will be rewarded assuming all requirements were met, once you have enough points you can redeem it for the reward of your choice, we have hundreds to choose from!

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Sign up now and Earn Free Staples Gift Cards

Sign up now and Earn Free Staples Gift Cards

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