What is Airbnb?

AirBnB is the technological evolution of shared spaces. TechCrunch describes its inception as one of the disruptive features of technology that has transformed the hospitality and real estate business. Many property owners have excess space that do not generate revenue. This may be a room in their own residence, an open field in a farm, a barn or perhaps even the occasional 1950’s themed garage. AirBnB came up with a solution by bridging the gap between property owners and people who are seeking out unique and affordable accommodations.

Accessible via an app or via the web, the service that AirBnb provides democratizes what was once an industry that’s only accessible to large holdings, corporations and big facilities. It also spun a unique experience for the traveler who’s tired of the “usual fare” of checking in at a big hotel that’s usually priced at a premium. It gave small homeowners, a chance to play the role of a host to guests all over the world.

For travelers, it features a unique and more authentic experience of what it is like to live among the locals. Guests could travel and stay at a low-cost inn where the homeowner is also the cook. In this way, the experience is diversified and more tangible. AirBnb is available in 191 countries and 81,000 cities all over the world.

What is an AirBnb gift card?

You may think of an AirBnb gift card as a means to earn credits that can be used commensurate to the value of an AirBnB stay. Instead of using cash, a debit or a credit card, one can earn these credits through many ways.

One of which is OGPlanet (the site your now on). You can then exchange your points from completing tasks to a brand new Free AirBNB Gift card!

AirBNB Gift Card

How does an AirBnb gift card work?

Once you have received or accumulated enough points on OGPlanet, you can then redeem these on the website. The credits earned will then be equal to a set amount of value that you can use to pay for your AirBnb gift card. You can easily redeem your earned AirBNB gift card by clicking here.

One of the best ways to earn these is through promotions. Some companies might decide to give away AirBnB gift cards if you join or participate in their promotions.

Another way to receive an AirBnb gift card is when a friend or relative decides to gift it to you.

How to get free AirBnb gift cards?

The process is really simple and easy. All you have to do is participate in this website by registering and joining. Once you join, you will be presented with a list of easy-to-do microtasks. Once you’ve performed these tasks and met the criteria, the credits will then be given to you pending verification.

It’s really that simple, so why wait? Join and register now and start accumulating those AirBnb gift card credits!

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Sign up now and Earn Free AirBNB Gift Cards

Sign up now and Earn Free AirBNB Gift Cards

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