What is the GAP?

To many in the San Francisco, California area, The GAP was more than just another clothing and accessories retailer – it signified a culture. Generally seen as describing the cultural generation gap between the post war generation and the baby boomers, the first store in San Francisco relished this difference when it was founded in 1969.
Fashion and culture insiders noted that The Gap drove the “casualization” of the American wardrobe noting the popularity of Levi’s jeans in an era transitioning and finding its identity. From this distinction, rose a clothing line that grew exponentially leading it to found its 25th store by 1972. By then, the founders Donald and Doris Fisher successfully steered the company from a retailer into a major brand.
By 2013, The GAP’s market capitalization reached $21.07 billion dollars.

What is a GAP gift card?

With apparel offerings currently on sale, a GAP gift card is very appealing gift choice for the period to come. If you’re in a post-Christmas gifting spree, having a GAP gift card saves you the trouble of finding the right sizes and measurements and apparel type for friends or relatives.
Simply gift them with a GAP gift card and allow them to choose what product to buy for themselves. This flexibility is precisely what makes GAP gift cards a premium choice when it comes to gifting. It makes it easier for both the gift giver and the receiver to send and receive gifts from the retail giant.

Free Gap Gift Cards

How to use GAP gift card?

You’re either a sender or a receiver – and with a GAP gift card, it really is very simple. Simply log-in to the GAP’s online store and purchase a GAP gift card. They are redeemable in any Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap Store or Athleta store. They’re also useful when perusing merchandise on the websites: gap.com, oldnavy.com, bananarepublic.com and athleta.com.
Simply present the gift card in a physical store location prior to payment of your selected merchandise or redeem it via its online outlets. If the amount credited to the gift card sufficiently covers the merchandise then that should cover it. Otherwise, you may have to change the item or add some cash on top of the gift card.

How to get free GAP gift card?

Apart from promotions, prizes and a friend actually giving it to you, a GAP gift card can also be earned through websites such as this (OGPLANET). Microtasks are all the rave in the online world today because the tasks that need to be performed are so easy and can be done in less than an hour. Simply sign up to register, verify and then choose the microtask that suits you the most.
When you have gathered enough credits to allow you to purchase that dreamy-looking Corduroy jacket, simply redeem the credits online or present it in a physical store, this will usually be a CODE which will be emailed to you by OGPlanet once you have redeemed GAP Gift Card as your reward.

GAP Logo

How much do GAP products cost?

The GAP has multiple product lines and 6 major brands under its main brand: Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta, Hill City and Intermix. These 6 divisions have different approaches to retail and are rumoured to be on the verge of a corporate breakup.
Its underwear line spans the price from $6 upwards in its online store. At times it holds 50%-75% off on various apparel lines.
On the denim side, Gap offers its 1969 Premium denim lines among other things. Prices range from $77 to $128 for its Western Corduroy shirt. Many of these are currently on sale.

Sign up now and Earn Free Gap Gift Cards

Sign up now and Earn Free Gap Gift Cards

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