What is Google Play Store?

With the entry of Google into the smartphone business, the huge potential of selling applications for these phones became evident. Android was an open source derivative of Linux with a focus on smartphones. A website marketplace offering applications catering specifically to Android users became a flagship offering.

This was to become the Android Marketplace. Later on, it would become the Google Play Store. What made the Google Play Store strategically important was its later incorporation of Google’s products such as Gmail, Google Picasa (Photos), Google Calendar, Google Apps and Google Docs. In 2018 the Google Play Store earned $24.8 billion dollars in revenue.

What is an Google Play gift card?

A Google Play gift card allows users to avail of the offerings in the app store. These could be used for games, movies, apps and ebooks. The advantage of using a Google Play gift card discards the need to use a debit card or credit card.

The best advantage has to do with the ability to gift an app or a game to a friend or relative. This is ideal rather than transferring actual cash. With a Google Play gift card, it is possible to do this instantaneously and conveniently.

Free Google Play Gift Card

How to use an Google Play gift card?

Once you’ve purchased a gift card, you may gift this to your friend or relative via email. If you’ve purchased the physical card, you may hand it personally or via traditional snail mail. The advantage of these cards is that their physical feature allows them to be gift-able.
Once the recipient receives the card, he simply has to sign in to the store via his mobile device. From there he then has to find the ‘Redeem’ option. There all the user has to do is input the details and then the corresponding credits can then be used.

Google Play Store

How to get a free Google Play gift card?

The most expeditious way to get a free Google Play gift card is through a gift from a friend or a relative? Another way is to simply purchase a Google Play gift card using cash.
But if the intention is to acquire these without having to spend cash, then the best way to acquire a free Google Play gift card is through a website such as ours that offers microtasks. Micro tasks/offers are easy to do tasks that take a little less than a few minutes each. Upon completion of the microtask, users may then redeem the credits pending verification and validation.
All one has to do is to register, signup and participate. Join now to receive your free Google Play gift card.

Sign up now and Earn Free Google Play Gift Cards

Sign up now and Earn Free Google Play Gift Cards

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This page describes an opportunity to be gifted a gift card, purchased from an authorized seller. The words “Google Play” and “Google” are registered trademarks of Google LLC. This offer is not sponsored or endorsed by Google LLC.

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