What is iTunes?

To hardcore fans of Android and the Google Play store, iTunes could sometimes be mistakenly equated to Google Play. This is partially correct but not at all accurate. iTunes is more than that. It is Apple Inc.’s all-in-one portal that started out as the software of choice for downloading and playing music. This may have risen from its origins with the iPod music player.

It’s also a media player that can play music, podcasts, broadcasts and videos. It connects to the Apple iStore allowing Apple’s iPhone users to download apps as well. The idea of incorporating all of Apple’s products in one suite is as innovative as Steve Jobs’ genius.

The app can be downloaded as well on a Microsoft Windows based Desktop PC.

What is an iTunes gift card?

An iTunes gift card is an excellent way to transfer value to another person that’s tied to Apple’s Store. Since most of the content on the Apple Store are downloadable, apps, music, movies and other soft content could be purchased with an iTunes gift card.

This includes PAID games, in-game purchases such as Clash of Clans Gems and many other popular games located on the Apple App Store.

Simply earn enough points by completing advertisers requirements and redeem your earned iTunes Gift cards at the app store!

Free itunes gift card

How to use an iTunes gift card?

Once you have received an iTunes gift card, you can redeem it via the App Store. Simply tap on your profile picture, tap Redeem Gift Card or Code, then use your iPhone’s camera if possible, to scan the redemption code.

Note that these gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash. They are meant solely for content on the Store. This prevents money laundering and ensures that the receiver would only be able to spend it on the content available there.

This is an ideal gift for audiophiles, or for a friend who is saving up money for a premium app.

iTunes logo

How to get free iTunes gift cards?

Getting free iTunes gift cards from friends and relatives is the best way to receive these. Now, sometimes, some companies offer marketing gimmicks and promotions that allow you to receive one if you participate in their promotion. In these publicity stunts, these companies may ask you to purchase a product or participate in an activity. Sometimes these also take the form of contests, which you may or may not win depending on your luck.

A tried and tested way to avail of free iTunes gift cards is through websites that offer microtasks. Microtasks are simple and fairly easy to do tasks online that require minimal effort. Sometimes, these tasks involve social media activities such as liking, commenting and sharing a post. It’s really that easy.

So, what are you waiting for? Register, sign up and join this website to start amassing iTunes gift card credits!

Sign up now and Earn Free iTunes Gift Cards

Sign up now and Earn Free iTunes Gift Cards

Trademark Notice

This page describes an opportunity to be gifted a gift card, purchased from an authorized seller. The words “iTunes” and “App Store” are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. This offer is not sponsored or endorsed by Apple Inc.

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