What is Netflix?

If you’ve ever had cable TV, then you’d have an idea of what Netflix is all about. To the uninitiated, Netflix is like cable TV of the Internet. It’s a movie streaming website that’s subscription based payable in monthly tranches. The great thing about Netflix is that subscribers can watch television series or movies from around the world.

Founded in the midst of the dotcom bust in 1997, Netflix survived the bubble and forged its way onto the desktops and later on, Internet enabled television sets of its subscribers. Today it is worth $152 billion dollars surpassing Comcast and Disney. It has two founders, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.

Subscribers can opt to watch as much as they can and even binge watch entire seasons of their favorite shows. Netflix also produces its own movies.

What is a Netflix gift card?

A Netflix gift card allows you to purchase a Netflix membership or gift one to somebody else. With it, you give the gift of entertainment to people you’d like to gift it to. It’s an amazing gift idea especially if you want to give that person the freedom to choose.

Netflix has thousands of titles to choose from that are kept up-to-date. Unlike other streaming services that feature movies that are really old, Netflix updates its list on a monthly basis. This ensures that the content that is given is always fresh and engaging.

Free Netflix Membership

How to get free Netflix gift cards?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can get free Netflix gift cards? With this website, you can! Microtasks help us, help you. By doing something you are already doing online, you are practically just having fun and at the same time earning your way to a free Netflix gift card.

These microtasks don’t require too much effort and pretty soon, once you’ve completed them, you can earn your way to a free Netflix gift card. The sooner you get started, the better. Sign up and register, then verify your email. Then proceed to start doing those microtasks!

How to use a Netflix gift card?

To buy or redeem a Netflix gift card, simply head on over to https://www.netflix.com/gift-cards. You can even purchase these on select retailers depending on regional availability.

If you received a Netflix gift card, you can click on to https://www.netflix.com/redeem, input the code and viola, congratulations, you now have a Netflix subscription.

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Sign up now and Earn Free Netflix Membership Codes

Sign up now and Earn Free Netflix Membership Codes

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