What is Spotify?

Have you ever wondered what an audiophile could like for his next birthday? If you’re not “down” with the trends and not at all familiar about what kids these days like for music, a Spotify account may just be the perfect gift for you to give.
Spotify is an app that could be downloaded on any smartphone. It’s a digital music streaming service that allows listeners to listen to music they like for free (but with ads) or for a small sum (subscription – no ads).
If you’re familiar with the chaos of the copyright free 90’s then you’d appreciate the fact that Spotify is the legal “Napster” marked with a stamp of approval by big record labels and the recording industry. In 2018, Spotify generated revenue of $5.9 billion dollars – a clear indication that people were willing to pay for their music.

What is a Spotify gift card?

For teenagers, students and music enthusiasts on a tight budget, a Spotify gift card could be exactly what they’re hoping for to get on their special occasion. A Spotify gift card received from a friend or a loved one, shows how much respect they have for gifting something that elucidates the freedom of music.
Music lovers love the freedom to choose and Spotify is a perfect fit by allowing access to virtually any and all music that has ever existed on a digital medium. The cards come in different denominations and are tailor made for the currency the recipient is residing in. This makes the experience more personal and therefore – special.

Free Spotify Premium Gift Cards

How to use a Spotify gift card

There are two ways to use a Spotify gift card: the first is to buy it, and the second is to receive it. You can buy the gift card online or via retail outlets. Like most gift cards, always make sure that the seal wasn’t broken off or scratched prior to redeeming.
You can redeem your Spotify gift card via Redeem Spotify Gift Card. Once you log on to that website, you can then input the PIN code indicated on the card. Congratulations! You now have a Spotify premium subscription.

How to get a free Spotify gift card?

The best way to get one for free is to receive it as a gift! But take heart, for those who haven’t received a gift card as a gift, OGPlanet.com is here to the rescue! By doing simple tasks online such as filling up surveys and doing other easy “microtasks”, you’re setting yourself up to receive a Spotify gift card soon.
What are you waiting for? “Register now!”

How much do Spotify subscriptions cost?

Though users could use Spotify for free, ads are played in between songs. The subscription model didn’t really appeal to the masses earlier on. But lately, the next generation of music lovers seem “okay” with supporting their favorite artists and bands by purchasing subscriptions to the music.
Spotify’s business model hinged on a partnership with record labels and artists that split the revenue in an undisclosed manner. Premium subscription costs $9.99 – a price that’s on par with Apple’s music streaming service. Students can get a discounted rate of $4.99.
The subscription comes with a bonus – an ad supported subscription to Hulu.

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Sign up now and Earn Free Spotify Premium Gift Cards

Sign up now and Earn Free Spotify Premium Gift Cards

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