“OGPLANET LTD” doing business under the name of “” hereunder known as Company or The Company, is in the business of offering individuals who are genuinely interested in earning through legal means and by following the guidelines herein stated, Reward Points or simply “Points”, with the aim of claiming a prize.



It is understood that the participant (“You”) upon using this website or any part thereof, agree to be bound by the terms specified on this page. The (“Terms”) herein referred to in this page would constitute the rules and guidelines that you will abide by.

The Terms would bind You, regarding Your usage of any of the sites features, segments, services or any other offer related to it.

You also agree that the Terms of this website would prevail over any and all, third party websites’ terms should any conflict of interest arise.

Should the Company fail to promulgate or exercise any of the Terms of this agreement, it will not be seen as a waiver of such right or provision.

You also agree that the Points described above and in reference to the reward system offered by the site are not to be seen as any form or character of digital currency. Points do not have any value in-and- of-themselves. Points are merely there to be used to gauge the performance of a user with the goal of reaching or attaining a prize.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

OGPLANET LTD is a duly registered company in London, in the United Kingdom

The Agreement between the Company and You is governed by and is under the jurisdiction of the courts of London, UK. It is understood that all pertinent provisions herein will be construed in accordance and in compliance with the laws governing the UK, and its territories.

You acknowledge that any and all disputes, disagreements or challenges in connection with this Agreement shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the UK.

You acknowledge that any and all disputes, disagreements or challenges in connection with this Agreement shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the USA notwithstanding that You may want to apply for any urgent or protective remedy.


Dispute Resolution

You acknowledge and agree that before pursuing any legal action in any court of law that You will allow the Company the prerogative to informally resolve any dispute, challenge, disagreement You may have. You acknowledge and agree that this dispute resolution mechanism should take no less than 60 days in order to expedite the process.

You acknowledge to initialise the dispute resolution mechanism by sending a Notice of Dispute by mail addressed to: [email protected].

The Notice much be appropriately labelled and titled, ‘Dispute Resolution’ and must sufficiently detail the grounds for Your claims and enclose copies of any pertinent proof attendant to the claim You may have.

The Notice must declare what solution or remedy You seek.

The letter containing the Notice must be sent by registered mail.

You furthermore acknowledge and agree not to participate, initiate or take part in any form or function in any class action legal suit against the Company.


Legal Authority

You represent and warrant that You have the legal capacity to enter into this Agreement, and that this Agreement constitutes a legal, valid and binding obligation.


Account Termination

Your use of or participation with any and all services or content provided by the Company, its websites, affiliates or any third party associated with the Company shall be allowed, or denied, or suspended at the sole prerogative of the Company. The Company, by its sole prerogative, retains as its exclusive right, the ability to void any Points, rewards, bonuses or any such, attained which you may have earned, won or otherwise accumulated through the website or its services, in particular but not limited to, failure by You to adhere to these Terms in its fullness or in part, or through Your failure to adhere to stipulations necessary in the performance of acquiring or earning Points.

The Company at its sole discretion may choose to deactivate, delete or modify any account, in particular but not limited to accounts which have remained dormant after a set period of time, and shall do so without being compelled to reimburse or refund the user for any potential contingency, Points, rewards or bonuses nor shall it reimburse or pay the user for any lost opportunity.


Reporting of Copyright Infringement

For any potential breach or violation of any Copyrighted material that the company have used in its website or online material, kindly notify us through the following process.

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “DMCA Request”.

For the notification to be validly addressed by us, include the following information:

  • Statement of ownership declaring the sender or notice giver as the lawful owner of the copyrighted material in question. In the event that a representative is corresponding on behalf of the copyright owner, such representation should be backed by a written authorization from the copyright owner.
  • Said notice shall include the signed name of the claimant whose ownership of the described copyright is in question. In the absence of the signed name of the claimant, the authorized legal representative’s signature should suffice. Signed name should also include beneath the signature the full name in block and capital letters.
  • The alleged infringed intellectual property should be adequately described.
  • The exact website url where the alleged infringed copyrighted material should also be indicated along with a statement averring its incorrect usage.
  • Claimant should indicate complete mailing address of the copyright owner’s address, telephone number, fax number (if applicable) and email address.
  • Notice should also include a statement indicating in good faith that claimed copyrighted material was not legally authorized by the claimant.

At its sole discretion, the Company will take the appropriate action concerning the alleged infringing material in consideration of the appropriate intellectual property laws.


Prohibited Activity

You hereby bind Yourself that as a user of the website that you shall not undertake activities or attempt to perform activities that would harm the proper functioning of the website and its services:

  • Engage in deleterious activities that would directly or indirectly impede the user experience of other users, such as but not limited to, Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS), hacking of any form or function, phishing and others.
  • Disrupt or maliciously change the code and therefore the function of the website by surreptitiously gaining access through security credentials.
  • Redistribute, clone, mirror or imitate the website’s content, form and function, thereby affecting or mimicking the Company’s function and services for monetary gain.
  • Control through covert or overt means the website’s content, form and function by gaining access through its login credentials for any purpose whatsoever.

Any unlawful use of the website not covered by the previous with the intent to defraud the users, the Company, and the website’s administrators is prohibited.

You acknowledge that Your use thereof of the website’s services and web applications are done solely on account of Your good faith in accepting whatsoever the Company represents its function to be. You agree with no reservation that at its sole discretion, the Company, may terminate Your user account without giving prior notice to You.

The ensuing circumstances depict what constitutes as bad faith uses of the Company’s website:

  • Unofficial and improper access of the website through third party interfaces other than the official graphical user interface offered by the webpage provided as is by the Company.
  • The use of many fake identities in order to garner more Points.
  • The employment of web penetration methods, such as but not limited to, hacking methods including denial of service attacks, phishing and the use of exploits pertaining to vulnerabilities unpatched by the site’s administrators.
  • Attempting to circumvent the proper utility of the website through means the Company deems as inappropriate.
  • Attempting to access the website through means that are deleterious to the orderly functioning of the website, such as but not limited to the use of, macro programs, web crawlers and other “cheating software”.
  • Attempting to exploit site bugs and vulnerabilities.
  • Attempting to use the site using multiple devices in order to create the illusion of multiple identities. Only one legal person per account can access the site’s offers and such person should not be fictitious or fake. Real identities must be correlated to a device or an IP address.
  • Improper use of Your user account includes, sharing of your user name and password to another party other than Yourself.
  • Engaging in disrespectful, uncourteous and/or in an abusive manner towards the site’s representatives via the chat box, email or phone.
  • Engaging in the creation of fake reports, with or without malicious intent.
  • Engaging in the creation of senseless and excessive reports, with or without malicious intent.
  • The creation of unsubstantiated accusations and allegations with the intent to cause defamation of character of any of the Company’s officers, employees, assigns and administrators.
  • The usage of automated software that’s meant to mimic or enhance normal human actions constituting valid activity on the site, such as but not limited to, automated clickers, auto-video players, and others of similar nature and function.
  • The improper access and usage of account information of other usernames, passwords and other registration information, that does not belong to You.
  • The repeated posting of competitor website urls, unrelated material, solicitation and other unrelated information on any of the Company’s online properties.
  • The posting of Your own personal referral links, on any of the Company’s online properties and sites, as well as on other third-party websites.
  • The giving of unwarranted aid to other users to access site features that is otherwise not accessible to them.
  • The violation of the rights of other parties who are also using the site.


Tax Liability

Any and all tax liability that should arise from You deriving income through your usage of the site, is for Your account alone.


Endorsements and Testimonials

In consideration of the United States Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) guidelines on advertisement endorsements as indicated in 16 CFR Part 255, and other material that may be related to such, You hereby agree that any and all endorsement made by You, or Your representatives, pertaining to the use of services or products accessible through the Company’s website, should be in compliance with the aforementioned guideline.



Your use of the Website and any of its affiliated services comes with the inherent risks of online commercial transactions. You hereby acknowledge that the Company makes no warranties, claims, representations implied or not as to the viability of its claimed services. As such, Your use of the website comes with the knowledge and agreement that all risks are Yours.

As may be permissible under existing laws pertinent to this effect, You hold the Company free from any liability with regards to all Your data stored therein and on any of the Company’s servers, websites or data storage devices. It will not be accountable for incidents which could compromise this data done through surreptitious access or unscrupulous means.

As may be permissible under existing laws pertinent to this effect, You agree to hold the Company free from any mistake, failure, fault or any flaw that may arise out of Your usage of the site or any third party affiliates as may be accessed by an interface given by the Company.

As may be permissible under existing laws pertinent to this effect, You hold the Company free from any loss or damage of whatsoever nature that may arise out of Your usage of the Site’s services or any of its third party partners. This may include, but is not limited to, additional tax liabilities that may be levied from the appropriate taxing jurisdictions.

As may be permissible under existing laws pertinent to this effect, You agree to hold the Company, its officers and its assigns free from any liability for any personal injury, loss, damage to Your personal property, of whatsoever nature that may arise out Your usage of the site or any of its affiliated partners and services.

As may be permissible under existing laws pertinent to this effect, You agree to hold the Company free from any liability from any and all damages that may arise out of electronic breach, intrusion or disruption that may result in discontinuance, downtime or termination of the site and its services.

As may be permissible under existing laws pertinent to this effect, You hold the Company free from any damage or loss that may arise from the existence, transmission or communication of any computer virus, worm, trojan, exploit or any computer cybersecurity threat that may have come from the site, its third party partners  and affiliates.


Additional Terms

You hereby acknowledge and allow Yourself to be bound by any supplementary procedures, instructions, rules, regulations and disclaimers which shall be given and updated using the Site’s website, applications or affiliated services.

You agree to hold Yourself accountable and agreeable to the disclaimer pertaining to the claim of possibility of earnings (

You agree that any and all additional procedures, instructions, rules, regulations and disclaimers are ancillary in nature and in the event that there be disagreement between any such existing terms or otherwise, the prevailing terms would be the updated terms, procedures, instructions, rules, regulations or disclaimers.


Intellectual Property and Copyright

Any and all intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights, patents, logo designs, website themes and layouts, and any such online properties found on the Company’s sites, communications, offices, brochures or any other material are solely and exclusively the property of OGPLANET LTD.

This agreement does not grant any permission or conveyance pertaining to the transfer of ownership, licensing or any form of legal use of the aforementioned intellectual property.

OGPLANET LTD , will pursue to the maximum extent permissible under the law to enforce, defend and pursue its intellectual property claims.


Changes to Terms of Use

The Company reserves the exclusive right to update, modify, revise or otherwise completely reword these Terms without giving prior notice to the user.



Should judgment by a court of valid jurisdiction render any provision of this agreement null or void, You agree that the other parts of this agreement shall remain in effect.


Successor in Title of the Company

You agree that these terms shall continue to bind for the benefit of beneficiaries, descendants, administrators, heirs, legal representatives and assigns of the Company.